Who is That Swedish Traveller?

Hello and welcome!

So this is the start of my blogging about my travel adventures. I can imagine that you’re curious about who I am, if you don’t already know me. So here follows a short introduction to That Swedish Traveller:

~ I am a 25 year old adventurer originally from Stockholm, Sweden, currently living in Gothenburg (with origins from Mauritius)
~ I have lived in six different countries so far, including Japan, Cyprus, England & Ireland
~ I have traveled around the world since I was a baby and will never stop
~ I probably spent more time in the air than on earth 😉
~ I love food, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures
~ I love taking photographs and sharing them with likeminded

~ I have been studying since 2014 at Gothenburg University and will finally finish my Bachelor Degree (in English) this summer

If you enjoy traveling as much as I do, and want to know more about our pretty planet, you found the right space.

I think our adventures together will be amazing!
Love & wanderlust,

Follow me on insta @thatswedishtraveller and my FB page thatswedishtraveller

By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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