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Budapest on a budget

Hello fellow traveller!

Me and my bf decided to not buy each other Christmas gifts this past year. Instead we booked a trip to Budapest! It was absolutely amazing… and cheap! Before booking we were researching for low budget weekend destionations and found out that Budapest was supposed to be really nice and worth the cost. And indeed it was.

Everytime I travel I always look up stuff to do and places to go. I love coming prepared but also love to stroll down the street and find hidden gems. This time we came quite prepared and had a list (that still is not completed) with places we wanted to visit and places we wanted to go to for food & drinks. Good to know is that the city is devided by a river, so on one side you have Buda and on the other side (city center) you have Pest. The currency used in Hungary is Hungarian forint (you’ll feel like a millionaire the first time you take out money from an Hungarian ATM).

I will show you some of my favourite stops in Budapest, on a Budget.

The 360 Bar

I mean, come on? How beautiful is this rooftop terrace with the amazing view and the heated igloos? I was like a little kid running around those igloo tents. Stunning view, no entrence fee and you were free to sit in the igloos which contained tables with chairs and blankets. The drinks was really nice and affordable as well! I even recieved free drink tickets with my pictures of the bar on Instagram , so I guess we’ll have to come back soon…

Just strolling about…

I am a big fan of walking, especially when I don’t know what’s around the corner… Walking in December might seem like a stupid idea but it was not that cold actually. We just put our hats on and kept walking.. Since we were there from 20-24 December there was a lot of Christmas markets to see. The one by St. Stephen’s Basilica was my favourite. I tried the famous Chimney cake at the market, which is a sweet bread roll with chocolate or vanilla pudding inside and cream on top. I even got a candy penguin! Other findings on our walks is in the pictures below… Budapest is an old and beautiful city, you will find cool architecture and secret passages everywhere.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Oh my, can you imagine finding this place as a Harry Potter nerd? I was in awe. This place is found on the Buda side of the river, by Buda Castle. And honestly, I was not as impressed by the castle as I was of these buildings! As you can see the view was stunning and you can see the famous Parliament Building on the Pest side. We went over to see the Parliament as well, it’s magnificent. If you’re interested they do free walking tours inside as well.

Eating brunch

Those who know me knows that I love a good breakfast or brunch, so naturally we had looked up some of the really good places. This plate was found at STIKA a really small but supernice place. Very hipster and Insta-friendly. Other places we visited was Cirkusz and A la Maison . I would recommend Cirkusz firstly but everyone on Tripadvisor already knows that (so be prepared to queue for a table). STIKA was very nice too, while A la Maison was not really good at all. It was a nice space to eat, don’t get me wrong, but the food tasted like old buffé food served to us on a platter…

Date night

So we were looking for somewhere to celebrate our anniversary and found the restaurant KOLLAZS. The place is connected to the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Pest city, and it was absolutely magical. Their lobby was so beautifully decorated and the restaurant was pretty too, with an inside balcony for us to sit in. The food and wine was great, and the service too. We had a really nice evening. We finished off our dinner with a chocolate fondant, I mean, we can’t leave unhappy after that, right? (Fine dining is not expensive in Budapest, go for a three course dinner and you’ll be happy to pay when you get the bill).

More food

So this is a Hungarian burger… it was really nice! From Lucky 7 burgers. We ate alot during our trip to Budapest (as we always do) and I would really encourage you to try the Hungarian goulash as well because it was really nice. Langos is also a dish that’s originally from Hungary. Of course we visited the Ruin Pubs as well, the Jewish quarters with many cool bars. And we had both a beer thermal bath and a regular thermal bath. For pictures vist my Instagram and for further tips email me or drop me a comment.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope to hear from you below!

Love & wanderlust,


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By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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