Caseapp collaboration

Happy Friday!

I’ve had the opportunity to work with who have beautiful designs for phone cases and laptop skins. But the best bit is that you can design your own personalised cases too!

I’ve ordered the design called “WORTHY” from the Swedish feminist design duo Femkonst.

Head to to order yours!
Use code 20ISABELLEW to receive 20 % off today!

Since I travel a lot I have always used different cases for my tech stuff. I love the idea that you can design your own cases and skins, mix and match with your laptop and make your stuff look coherent over all. Take a look at the website because there really is some cool ones in there. I had trouble choosing this one because the marble and jungle themed ones were so pretty! Might even have to order some more…

Have a wonderful Friday and feel free to contact me if you’re wondering anything about the cases (or anything else)!

Love and wanderlust,

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By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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