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My Best Brunches in Gothenburg, SWE

Hello there!

Today I’m sharing some valuable information if you love brunch and are in Gothenburg, or are planning to come over. I love to have brunch and whenever I’m abroad I always make sure to go to the most epic brunch spots (and obviously I do so here at home as well). So I figured I’ll share some of my favourites from Gothenburg, since I’ve been trying a lot of the brunch spots here. This is My Best Brunches in Gothenburg! Psst.. they’re not listed in any specific order, I love them all!

Bönor och Bagels

This place has the most beautiful outdoor seating, the place inside is quite small. I love their fresh juices, great coffee and breakfast deals. The name of the place is beans and bagels, so yes, the coffee and the bagels are great! There’s not only brunch, there is also salads and soups and even dessert bagels!

Come here in the spring/summertime and sip your coffee while people watching!


Brogyllen/Västra Hamngatan

This place is well established and has everything from breakfast to lunch and freshly baked bread. The place is gorgeous inside, loads of tables and a big chandelier in the ceiling. I recommend their Vårfrukost (spring breakfast) which is in the picture above.

Come here to sit outside and people watch or sit inside for a more sophisticated brunch environment.

Brogyllen has several cafes spread out in Gothenburg, find your own favourite!

Egg & Milk

I love this American inspired 50’s diner! Simply put, what you get here is egg and milk! Pancakes with loads of different toppings, eggs in different variations, bacon, yoghurt, fresh fruit and bagels are just some of their dishes! I’ve been here several times.. if it’s sunny the outdoor seating is perfect, otherwise the indoor diner is nice too. On weekends there’s usually a line out the door, so come here early, or try to come on a weekday. Thursdays is all pancake you can eat day!

Come here both for the interior and the food. Sit inside for the full experience or sit outside in the sun (the seating is on the sunny side of the road in the morning, which is a plus).



This place is sooo cozy. A few tables inside, more seating outside when it’s season. The place is very artsy and the staff is lovely. The brunch deal includes one plate like the one above, it’s also a buffet included to top up your yoghurt with muesli and berries or add a croissant etc. The coffee is really good and the barista puts much love in your cappuccinos and lattes.

Come here to hang out with good friends and sit almost aaaaall day long.


Ethels Cafe

This place doesn’t look much for the eye from the outside, but their Lyxfrukost (luxury breakfast) is really nice. It comes on a three story plate, like the ones for Afternoon tea, and it includes all from bread and fruit to yoghurt and egg and bacon. The place is quite small and the staff is really nice.

Come here to sit and nibble from the three story plate for hours.



This place is quite hip and very instagram friendly. There is two JOS cafes in Gothenburg and I prefer the one at Domkyrkan. The place has very nice interior, white and light with an industrial feeling. The fresh food is a feast both for the stomach and for the eyes. This is a common lunch place so avoid lunch hours for a chill vibe.

Come here to catch up with friends, study, co-work or just buy a juice on the go! No outdoor seating available, besides two benches without tables.


Other places that I have visited for brunch that are really nice is Bellora, Clarion Hotel Post, Cuckoos nest and Daily Dose. Its been a while though, so I’ll have to revisit them to be able to share updated information about them. All the spots listed above are really good eats though and as you notice Gothenburg offer great brunch opportunities! I’m waiting for the sun in April/May. The springtime is a perfect time to enjoy the newly opened outdoor seating at almost all the cafes and restaurants. I think I’ll have to make another round visiting all these places again! Do you feel hungry for a brunch as well?

Please let me know if you found this post valuable and want more tips or have some more brunch spots to add to the list!

Love & wanderlust,


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By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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