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One year anniversary

One year as a couple

I can’t believe how quick time flies.. Me and Philip just celebrated one year together as a couple (even though we met for the first time like 7 months before the 28th of February 2017, when we officially became a couple!). We’ve both moved apartments three times since then and now we live together. We have travelled to Prague, Barcelona and Budapest together since then and we both finish our University degrees this summer. I can’t wait to start off this amazing year together with Philip!

For our celebration we went to the Italian restaurant Nonna, here in Gothenburg. It was soooo good! We had antipasti and pasta and I finished off with some tiramisu! There is always room for dessert, right?

I loved it at Nonna. It was our first time visiting and the atmosphere was sooo cute, and I loved the olive tree in the middle of the tables! And they even played Italian radio in the background. The food was lovely and not to pricey. I’d definitely bring my friends over for a gossipy night out at this Italian gem!

Tell me if you have any tips on Italy, I’ve only been there when I was younger and would love to go back and rediscover it! Ciao for now!

Xx Isabelle – thatswedishtraveller

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By Isabelle Wallin

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