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Where to eat: in Gothenburg – Mexikanska Monarkin

Where to eat in Gothenburg?

Well, for Mexican food there is actually some really good options. Yesterday me and Philip tried Mexikanska Monarkin (Mexican Monarchy) which was really good! They had small and big dishes, tacos, non tacos and desserts…

We ordered a combo dinner menu with snacks and two medium dishes. It was sooo good! We had beef tacos and chicken quesadilla with guacamole, bean dip and pickled mushrooms. Unreal. And not pricey. I can’t believe I’ve been living in Gothenburg since 2014 and never heard of this place. And I’m a taco lover! 🍻🌮

So much food! Look at that guac gone already, haha…



The bar area had this awesome wall art… AW Maria as they announced it (After work 😉)


The interior was so cute as well and for a second it felt like we were abroad. Especially since the staff spoke spanish to each other. The bar offered Corona’s & margaritas, and much more, and I’m definatly not done with this place. I want to come back to try more of their dishes. For a warm and colourful meal, head over to Mexikanska Monarkin!

For other taco places in Gothenburg, check out: Tacos and Tequila , Little Meats and Tranquilo.

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