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Where and how to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 🍀

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! 🍻🇮🇪

Today is a very special day to me since I used to live in Ireland. I stayed there for six months during my Erasmus program in 2016. But I was actually celebrating this day in Dublin earlier, in 2014, with three of my closest friends. We went to Dublin for a city weekend and fell in love with the place!

I want to share my love for Ireland and where and how to celebrate this beer drinking, green dressing and happy celebrating day!

So why do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

It’s an Irish tradition that goes way back to the 1600s. The Irish celebrate it, it’s said, because of a saint named Saint Patrick who brought the Christian religion to the island. It’s also said that he banished all the snakes from Ireland, and to this day there is actually no snakes on the island. In the beginning the Irish people celebrated this day in church and then with the family, but now it’s a full on national party with parades and activities. We celebrate it every 17th of March, which is when Saint Patrick’s said to have died!

Where to celebrate St Paddy’s?

In Dublin of course! The day is celebrated all over the world but naturally the Irish celebrate it the most! It’s a bank holiday and everyone, from the youngest to the eldest celebrate this day. In Dublin there’s a big parade on the 17th of March from Grafton Street to O’Connell Street.

The best pubs to visit in Dublin during the holiday is The Temple Bar, Searsons of Baggot Street och McSorley’s. There is also parades and big celebrations in Galway, Cork och Belfast. The biggest parade outside of Dublin is in Dowpatrick in Northen Ireland. A little side note is that Saint Patrick is said to be buried there!

The holiday is also celebrated a lot in the US since a lot of people there are from Irish heritage. In NYC the Americans celebrate with a huge parade from Fifth Avenue that usually gather about 2 million visitors!

In Sweden Irish pubs all over the country celebrate a little bit extra with Guinness and activities. Around the world different buildings are lit up with green light, such as the Sidney Opera House. Some city’s even color their rivers green!

How to pour the perfect pint

Below are pictures from 2014 when I was in Dublin at the Guinness Brewery, learning how to pour Guinness properly. If you didn’t know there are a lot of rules to follow to pour the perfect pint!

Step 1: Choose the Right Glass and Proper Angle
Choose a clean, dry, 20-ounce, tulip-shaped pint glass. The bump in the wider neck allows nitrogen bubbles to move down the side of the glass and back up into the neck of the beer. Tilt the glass away from you at a 45-degree angle; if you don’t, the Guinness will froth, will take forever to settle and may taste bruised.

Step 2: Pull the Tap Toward You
That way, you release the Guinness until it fills the glass to the bottom edge of the tulip’s bump. On many Irish tulip pint glasses, there’s a gold harp icon (aka the Guinness harp); for the truly perfect pour, fill it halfway up this harp. Then, don’t touch it until you see a vivid distinction between the dark ruby-red body and creamy white head. This may take a few minutes, so sit back and relax.

Step 3: Hold It Level
Once it’s settled, put your Guinness up to the tap and hold it level. (You want a dome effect when you top it off, so skip the 45-degree angle this time.) Push the tap away from you, pouring the Guinness slower. Aim directly into the middle of the foam head until it settles half a millimeter above the lip of your pint glass. Wait. A smaller, second settling period is crucial.

Step 4: Sip It Right
The last and perhaps the most important step is sipping your Guinness. Hold it up to the light to marvel at the ruby-red color. Then, bring it to your lips, and sip the foam until you hit the body of the beer. Swish. Swallow. Bottom’s up.

But if you can’t resist having an Irish bartender pour you a pint, remember this cardinal Guinness-drinking rule: Paws off. Don’t touch your Guinness before the bartender hands it to you. The perfect pour takes time.

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St Patricks Day 2018

Today I’ll celebrate St Patricks Day with good friends at Järntorget in Gothenburg, probably at the Irish bar called Irish Embassy. We’ll definitely have to many Guinness and cause trouble of all sorts!

Come have a pint o Guinness!

// Isabelle – ThatSwedishTraveller

Oh, and remember, if you don’t like Guinness (how?!) you can order a Baby Guinness shot instead! It doesn’t contain any Guinness even tho the name might indicate so.. it’s usually made of coffee liqueurs such as Bailey´s or Kahlua and Irish Cream, yummie!!

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