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Lindholmen Street Food Market | Gbg, SWE

New tip for Gothenburg visitors or residents!

Every Saturday until Midsummer (end of June) you can visit this market in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Eat food from all over the world (my fave was the Porkbelly Bao), drink local produced beer, shop from the design market, hang out, listen to good music and have an awesome day all over! It’s pretty crowded with hipsters of all ages, so be on time! The vibe is very chill and makes me think of a hip brunch place in NYC, with that said, you’re gonna love it!

Located in Lindholmen, on the island of Hisingen, this market is only minutes away from the city center with bus or boat! And it’s open between 12-17 every Saturday!

Read more about Lindholmen Street Food Market

Enjoy my photos from this weekend!


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