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Longing for Swedish summer

Every year it’s the same.. is it ever coming?

Well, yes it is. But not quite yet. This summer I’ve decided to explore more of Sweden. I’m already going to Malmö on Friday, Sweden’s third largest city. Home of Zlatan and the Turning Torso. And hopefully I’m going surfing in Varberg on the west coast, later this summer. Sweden is really filled with little pearls. The two biggest islands, Gotland and Öland, are two of them I think! I’ve spent time on both of them and even though the tourists usually travel to the mainland, the islands are something special.

My top 3 destinations in Sweden during summer time

1. Smögen, for the scenery. Eat delicious seafood and enjoy life by the windy west coast. Walk by the cute boathouses and enjoy the sunset on a cliff.

2. Gotland, for the island vibes. Walk through medieval streets and make sure to bike around the island. In the summer the place lits up and becomes home to great restaurants and night life!

3. Stockholm, for the city chill out. Find the fake palm beaches or the city park hang outs. It’s like mini festivals in the parks in town! Escape the city center, Old Town and the tourists.. you’ll find the best hang outs in the southern parts of the city!


Swedish summer is truly gorgeous when it arrives.. below are pictures from Smögen last year!

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By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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