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5 fun facs about Swedish Midsummer

Did you celebrate Midsummer? I did. I didn’t have any flowers in my hair tho, but we ate traditional Swedish dishes and joined the neighbors outside to rise a midsummer pole. Here are 5 fun facts about Swedish Midsummer 1. Midsummer is celebrated around the summer solstice, a Friday between 19-25 June, which is the […]

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Gothenburg summer vibes

Gothenburg is lovely atm and I haven’t shared a lot of photos on here for a while. So here’s some pictures from my favourite Swedish town! It’s mostly food and some pictures from my photo shoot with David. Let me know if you have any questions about where the photos are taken. I’m currently working […]

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One week in Beijing

Hello my darlings! As you may know I recently visited Beijing, China. I travelled solo from Stockholm, Sweden, on a nine hour flight. And it was totally worth it! I am going to post several posts about this trip, but overall I want to share that Beijing is one big and diverse city, and if […]