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One week in Beijing

Hello my darlings!

As you may know I recently visited Beijing, China. I travelled solo from Stockholm, Sweden, on a nine hour flight. And it was totally worth it!

I am going to post several posts about this trip, but overall I want to share that Beijing is one big and diverse city, and if you have the opportunity, you should definitely go!

I spent one week in China with my Swedish friend Louise who lives and works in Beijing city. I stayed at her flat and did solo day trips while she was at work and during the evenings and weekend we went on adventures together. It definitely helps to have a “local” by your side if you visit somewhere you never have been before.

Bucketlist ✅The Great Wall of China was amazing. Like, really amazing. We went to a part of it, about 2,5h outside of Beijing, where not all the tourists went. So calm and beautiful. I didn’t know that Chinese nature was this beautiful. High mountains and deep valleys. We stayed at the wall for about 3 h and 12000 steps!

There are several areas in Beijing with different vibes. We spent an afternoon in 798 Art Zone – a kind of hipster area with a lot of shops, art galleries and street art. I loved it because it’s wasnt too touristy, we mostly saw Chinese people chilling at the cafes in this area.
As you probably have guessed the food scene was amazing in Beijing. I had both traditional Chinese meals and western style food like the lovely sliders below. I preferred the Chinese food tho and I must say that the Chinese knows something about cooking vegetarian meals that we don’t know. They made an stirfried eggplant taste like heaven!!
Louise asked me which Chinese dish I loved the most, but I really cannot chose. I did love this hotpot which we boiled our food in and shared witch each other. I also loved the fried pork and veg plate below. See that smile on my face? That’s my foodsmile, haha!
I also ate a fair amount of brunch. Avocado toast, salon hash brown, waffles.. I’ll post my best brunches and restaurant recommendations in a separate blogpost.
I’m overwhelmed with how different China was from my expectations of the country.. it’s super well developed, high tech and clean! Maybe I didn’t reflect much before I went that Beijing is in fact a big city that never sleeps.

Check out my IG for more Beijing photos. Right now I’m doing a Beijing Doors Mini Series. Are you also intrigued by old doors, their history and who lives behind them now?

By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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