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5 fun facs about Swedish Midsummer

Did you celebrate Midsummer?

I did. I didn’t have any flowers in my hair tho, but we ate traditional Swedish dishes and joined the neighbors outside to rise a midsummer pole.

Here are 5 fun facts about Swedish Midsummer

1. Midsummer is celebrated around the summer solstice, a Friday between 19-25 June, which is the longest day of the year. This year it was on the 22 June.
2. In Stockholm there is a big Midsummer celebration at a zoo called Skansen which is broadcasted on national tv
3. A Midsummer menu is usually filled with pickled herring, boiled new potatoes with dill and sour cream and chives. And of course the meatballs that appear at every Swedish holiday menu…
4. Midsummer is all about gathering your loved ones and dancing together and playing games (and drinking like a Viking)
5. Featured in the Midsummer celebration is also: way to strong schnapps (Nubbe), mosquito bites, the usually cold and rainy weather and the day after midsummer hangover

For you who aren’t Swedish I hope this was a little bit fun to read. And for all my Swedish readers; Happy Midsummer! 🌸

By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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