How to get big on Instagram, 10 IG hacks from me to you

As I promised in one of my Instagram post earlier, here is the blogpost about some of my favourite Instagram hacks. I’ve been reading quite a lot about the gram and learned a lot, so here is my gift to you, my favourite Instagram hacks!

# Hashtag right

If you didn’t know, you’re only allowed to tag 30 hashtags. Use them wisely! Don’t go to broad or too narrow, for exempel as for me as a travel blogger #travel is too big and #travellikeaswede is too narrow. I usually hashtag all 30 tags and combine bigger tags with smaller tags.

# Write a clear bio

Your potential followers need to see straight away what you’re about and what you offer. Write a clear and informative bio which also shows your uniqueness!

# Specifik tags

Use tags with 500.000-1.000.000 tagged posts, otherwise your picture only stays on the hashtag page for about 1 second. That way no one will catch your post and like it. The hashtag page is where people who does not follow you can see and like your pictures. As I mentioned earlier it’s also a good idea to mix you tags with smaller tags. Rather smaller, than bigger than 1 million.

# Give value

A follower follows you for a reason. What can you provide them? Beautiful inspiring pictures, tips/hacks, outfit inspo, guides? Whatever it is, find it and provide your followers with it continuously.

# Caption right

Write an engaging caption, preferably with a call to action at the end (tell your followers to do something, such as like or comment below). Or ask a question, so they can answer in the comments! Your followers needs to be directed, otherwise they just scroll past your post!

# Create good quality photos

Instagram is so popular by now that you won’t come a long way if your photos aren’t good quality. Find your angles of photography and make sure your pictures are not blurry. Find your unique style! This doesn’t mean that you have to own an expensive camera or drone, phone photos are great too! Just learn how to use the phone camera in a good way!

# Be active and social

Show your followers and potential new followers that you care about them. You need to be genuinely interested in your followers and like, comment and talk genuinely to them! Ask questions, give them a shout out whatever you feel like showing them that you care.

# Feed filter

Use a coherent filter throughout your feed. Similar colours looks neat and gives a whole to you feed! I’ve heard that blue photos gets more likes, but I’m not too sure about that. Anyway, stick to your colorway. That way people will see your photo and instantly think “ah it’s YOU who updated this picture”!

# Your one link

Use your one link in your bio. Don’t miss out on using your one link! If it’s a long one, shorten it with a link shortener – just google for it! is one of them. And remember to direct your followers to your link in your captions!

# Be yourself!

The single most important hack. Be yourself and create your own content! People enjoy following you because you are you. Trust yourself and trust the process, people will find you and like what you do! Your originality will stand out and make people interested in the pictures you post!

There are so many more tips that I could share with you! Let me know what you think about this post in the comments and if you have any questions. Remember to follow me at ThatSwedishTraveller !


By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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