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Welcome to ThatSwedishTraveller

Hello world!

My name is Isabelle Wallin and I’m a Swedish travelblogger from Stockholm. I live in Gothenburg and I’m currently a student at Medieinstitutet, a soon-to-be Digital Marketing Manager. I travel a lot on my spare time and I love to photograph, edit photos and write. I consider myself a free soul and a world citizen.

What will you find here?

This blog will be filled with different adventures – both remote and local. I will guide you through city weekends, to the tastiest street food around the globe and to the best beaches in Asia. We will visit quirky hipster restaurants, gorgeous views and cool hotels. My travelling is all about balance – I will give you both luxury and budget tips. Welcome to a world citizens guide to the globe!

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Looking forward to connecting with you! And hey – any questions, just leave a comment!

Love, Isabelle

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By Isabelle Wallin

Freelance writer, content creator & life enjoyer

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