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A long city walk in Stockholm/Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Where to take a walk in Stockholm

As you might have seen on Instagram I spent the past weekend in Stockholm. I gathered some pictures for you from one of my many walks around the city. I love taking photos of buildings and street art.

If you want to visit the colorful houses below they are located near Karlaplan. The brickhouse is actually the Embassy of Uruguay. These buildings are also close to Humlegården which is a perfect place to take a stroll in.

Discover Stockholm

I think the best way to discover a new city is to walk and walk and walk. I usually look things up on Tripadvisor or so, but sometimes I think it’s even better to discover the city without any expectations. This is usually how I find cool spots! On this particular walk I found this pretty bike and loads of street art. Even if I’m from Stockholm I walked around in awe. If you want to tourist in your own city, make sure you go to places you’ve never been or hardly ever been to!

Street art in Stockholm

There is a lot of street art in Stockholm. It’s hard to tell you where to go tho since the art usually is removed and new art appear all the time! My best tip is simply to walk and keep your eyes wide open!

If you have any questions about Stockholm – where to walk, or anything else, feel free to ask! Since I’m born and raised in Stockholm I can help you wih pretty much anything! If you want a tip for a great coffee house, for instance, I recommend Drop Coffee!

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