Halloween outfit 2018 | ThatSwedishTraveller

Happy Halloween Every year I always host or go to a Halloween party. And trust me, I always go all in with my Halloween outfit. This year I decided to dress up as a zombie circus director! I went to a Halloween party with my classmates and the theme was “blood”. I figured that a […]


The 10 best Swedish digital nomad and travel blogs 2018 | ThatSwedishTraveller

I’m one of the best Swedish travel bloggers A year ago I would never dream of saying those words, but today I’m extremly proud and happy to be part of the list over “The 10 best Swedish digital nomad and travel blogs 2018″ made by Swedish nomad site Svenska Nomader (Swedish Nomads). 10 Swedish travel […]

Destinations Food Guide Gothenburg Sweden

Food Guide: Spice Sushi, Gothenburg/Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

The most colourful sushi in town Okay, this is no joke. This is the most colourful sushi in town. And it’s also delicious! Don’t do the nigiri at this place, it’s all about the Spice maki rolls (the fried tempura rolls). Fried sushi is AMAZING! Sushi and Sake Try different maki rolls with yakiniku, tuna, […]