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Food Guide: Spice Sushi, Gothenburg/Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

The most colourful sushi in town

Okay, this is no joke. This is the most colourful sushi in town. And it’s also delicious! Don’t do the nigiri at this place, it’s all about the Spice maki rolls (the fried tempura rolls). Fried sushi is AMAZING!

Sushi and Sake

Try different maki rolls with yakiniku, tuna, fried shrimp or pork. Yes, inside the sushi roll. And don’t forget the edamame beans on the side! The rolls come in 8 pieces (whole, 189/199 SEK) or 4 pieces (half, 95/99 SEK) and I recommend you to order 4 pieces of many different rolls, so you can try many! My personal favourite was the shrimp tempura with Swedish skagenröra on top. Simply amazing.

The interior

As you can see the interior is awesome! The place is small, so book a table, at least if you are a big group or are going on the weekend. The staff was great but keep in mind that the food might take a while if you order the fried rolls!

Of course, the meal is finished of with fortune cookies. I reckon that you already are in great luck if you had a meal at this place!

Spice Sushi

📍Linnégatan 44, Gothenburg

🕰 Monday – closed. Tuesday – Thursday 17.00 – 21.30. Friday – 17.00 – 22.30. Saturday – 16.00 – 22.30. Sunday – 16.00 – 21.30

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