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Food Guide: 24 h to eat in Riga, Latvia | ThatSwedishTraveller

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Latvian cousine and local food with new inspiration

When visiting Riga there are several places to go to eat great food. Below I have listed 4 of my favourite places for food that will blow your mind. It doesn’t matter if your looking for a great culinary experience or tasty bar snacks, Riga has something for everyone.

Follow my guide from morning to evening – 24 h to eat in Riga, Latvia.

1. Riga Central market

Start off early at the Riga Central market. The Central market is the most famous place to buy fresh groceries. Located near the city centre, in the Moscow district, these old buildings carry a lot of history from the First World War. The four connected facilities used to be where the Germans built their zeppelins during the war. Today they are filled with local salesmen who offers vegetables and fruits, meat, fish and local specialities like pickled cabbage and honey.

The market is a very popular place, 80.000 thousand people are said to pass through this market every day!

In one of the four facilities a new food court is being built. Read more about Central Gastro market further down.

Pickled cabbage is a Latvian speciality

Central Gastro market

In one of the facilities in Central market this new food court is being built. It’s going to be open Sunday – Thursday from 10-22, and weekends from 10-02, with a DJ playing until 02. The food court offers food from many different kitchens such as Mexican, Japanese and Italian, all with Latvian and locally produced products.

One of the restaurants in the food court also functions as a pop up restaurant for new restaurants to test out their kitchen for 1-3 months. Such an amazing idea! Don’t miss this new concept when visiting Riga, it’s going to be a great success!

Picture from Riga Street Food Festival. You can find RAV Burger inside the new food court.


Located in Riga Old Town it’s perfect to stop by MUUSU for a great food experience. The food is inspired by the classics of contemporary Europe, but also highlights own interpretations and seasonal accents. MUUSU is a beautiful restaurant with Nordic interior and the pottery is specially made by the Rauna brickyard. The restaurant aims to use only fresh food from local origin.

If you’re interested you can also take cooking classes at MUUSU. I spent about 4 h with one of the chefs from MUUSU and the result is this amuse bouche in the picture below. It was a very fun experience and the cooking class also made you realise how much hard work the chefs at MUUSU put in to deliver perfect food.

3. Ferma

Food for the people – the slogan of this restaurant is really true. The menu has something for everyone. Enjoy a luxurious four course dinner at Ferma, and let the waiters match your dishes with locally produced wine.

The chef behind the restaurant is a legend within Latvian restaurant business. Māris Astičs became a chef at age 23, opened the first private culinary school in Latvia at 25 and is now the owner and head chef at Ferma at age 29.

Trying the Black Balsam with FantasyDining – Make sure to try the Latvian Black Balsam when in Latvia. It’s a herbal alcoholic liquor similar to Jaegermeister. If you’re trying it for the first time it’s recommended to bite a piece of orange after, for a sweeter taste. There’s also a lighter version with black currant if you’re not brave enough to try the original straight away.

4. Ziemelu Enkurs

Find this hidden gem for a great beer tasting in Riga. Ziemelu enkurs translates into Northern anchor – a name given to the bar by one of the owners who is a ship captain. Ziemelu enkurs serves a variety of beers produced by their own brewery, just behind the bar. The staff knows everything about beer and are very excited to help you find the perfect match. If you don’t like beer they also serve wine and cocktails.

If you’re still hungry after visiting all the other places, this bar also serves a great variety of snacks. Try the garlic bread (Latvian rye bread with garlic and cheese) and the Crispy Chicken! My favourite beer was the lighter lager with influences of raspberry. They also served a great beer with the taste of Fishermen’s friend and a Baltic porter that can’t be missed.

Tasting different beers with FantasyDining and our lovely guide Agita. Priekā! Cheers!

These four restaurants are just a handful of Riga’s great varieties of restaurants. I hope you enjoyed my best tips and let your next trip abroad be a food journey in Riga, there is really so much to taste.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this blogpost!

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Disclaimer: This blogpost was written in paid collaboration with #CulinaryRiga, #LiveRiga, #RigaStories, #RigaStreetFoodFestival, #EnjoyLatvia, #AirBaltic.

LiveRiga, AirBaltic and Nordic TB.

All opinions and recommendations are as always my own.


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