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7 tips on what to see, do and eat in London | ThatSwedishTraveller

Tall skyscrapers with stunning views, lovely shopping at Camden Market and a pint or two at the local pub. Come along to London – a city full of experiences and places to discover. On a weekend you can do a lot in London, especially if you know where to go. Experience the magical world of Harry Potter, great restaurant visits and shopping – here are my 7 best tips for a wonderful weekend in London.

To see and do in London

There is obviously a lot of things to see and do in London, but here are some of my tips from my recent trip to this lovely city.

See the London skyline at Sky Garden

Head to Sky Garden, the building known as the ‘walkie talkie’ by Londoners and located in London’s financial district. 155 meters and 35 floors up you will find this amazing space, with high ceilings and windows in every direction, filled with lush plants and a view that is amazing. Go out on the outdoor terrace to soak up all of London below you! Get an excellent 360 degree view of London’s landmarks such as the River Thames, Tower Bridge and The Shard. Then sit down for a while in the cafe or bar. It is free to visit Sky Garden, but remember to book a time slot for the visit on their website!

Sky Garden in London
Sky Garden in London
Sky Garden in London
Sky Garden in London

Shopping in Camden Town

There are several lovely neighbourhoods in London and Camden Town is one of them. Take a walk to Camden Market and The Stables Market. Here you can stroll among small alleys and shop everything from jewellery and tea to vinyl records and clothing. Also, do not miss the food market with colourful street food from around the world. In Camden it is also common to see performances by talented street musicians, pop-up shops and other fun events.

Experience the magic of the Harry Potter studio tour

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, like me, you should not miss out on visiting Warner Bros Studios in London. Book a time slot through the website and head out to the 50,000 square foot building where the Harry Potter films were filmed for over 10 years. Seeing the props, characters and environments is a fantastic experience for the whole family. Try flying on a broom, visit Diagon Alley and see how the costumes and masks for all the magical creatures were created.

Eat well in London

There is an incredible range of restaurants and nightlife in London. Here are some tips on mouthwatering food and drinks. Eat Mexican street food, eat a luxurious hotel breakfast at a boutique hotel or eat a giant Argentinian dinner – in London the possibilities are endless!

Mexican food party at Wahaca

Visit Wahaca for fresh Mexican food with a wonderful concept created by Masterchef UK winner Thomasina Miers. Here you will find loads of colourful dishes, such as tacos, nachos and quesadillas. My favourite on the menu? The rib eye tacos! Don’t miss the drinks here either, which are as colourful as they are good!

Mexican street food at Wahaca in London
Mexican street food at Wahaca in London

Address: 66 Chandos Place Covent Garden (available in several places)

Hotel breakfast at The Pilgrm

The boutique hotel The Pilgrm in Paddington offers a refreshing break from the usual. The design here exudes a warm sense of calm and offers you a unique moment in London’s historic Paddington. The lounge and terrace on the first floor are both open daily between 07:00 and 22:30. The brunch menu includes traditional English breakfast, avocado toast and the slightly sweeter French toast. They also serve great coffee!

Breakfast at The Pilgrim in London
Breakfast at The Pilgrim in London

Address: 25 London Street

Experience the Argentine cuisine at Gaucho

Visit the meat restaurant Gaucho and step into another world full of Argentine aromas and flavours. The stylish interior and dull light breathes luxury. Take a drink or go straight to ordering fantastic meat dishes. This is where the Argentinian cuisine is in focus and before you have had a good look at the menu, the staff has come in with a large tray with different pieces of meat, and tells you what is available for the evening. If you are several people who want to share the food you should take the opportunity to order a meat tray with 4 different kinds of meat, 1.2 kilos! Perfect if you want to test a little bot of each, served together with wonderfully buttery mashed potatoes and great sauce. Remember to book a table in time!

Address: 89 Sloane Ave (available in several places)

Have a pint at Pride of Paddington

What is a visit to Englad without having a pint at a real British pub? Visit the cozy pub Pride of Paddington which is beautifully decorated with flowers. There are several different beers here and the pub is also a hostel, so be prepared for some happy backpackers. What exactly is a pint? It is a 0.5 liter volume that only applies to beer and cider in the UK.

Pride of Paddington
Pride of Paddington

Address: 1-3 Craven Road

These were some of my tips in London, there is obviously a lot more to do in this beautiful city. Do you have any recommendations for my next trip here?

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