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13 tips on what to see, do and eat in Malmö, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Malmö Town.

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and it is located in the south of the country. I spent a full weekend in Malmö and it was packed with good eats, cool street art and even a visit to an escape room outside of the ordinary. Here are my 13 best tips for your weekend away in Malmö!

To see in Malmö

Turning Torso

The most famous building in Malmö is the Turning Torso, which is designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. The building was ready for occupation on 1 November 2005 and it is 190 m high and consists of 54 floors with 147 apartments and offices. You can’t really visit inside, but it’s a cool building and probably Malmös most known landmark.

Read more about the Turning Torso on Swedish Nomad’s blog.

Malmö City Library 

I paid a quick visit to the city library which is a beautiful building that is completely free to enter. The panorama windows lets in a beautiful light and the atmosphere is very laid back. Come here for some quiet time and maybe dig in to a good book (or just for a photo of the amazing windows).

Street art

Malmö city is filled with colourful and cool street art. Either just take a causal stroll around the town or check out these streets specifically for big murals; Grynbodgatan, Stenhuggaregatan and Lilla Kvarngatan. Also pay a visit to Café Grannen, which has a beautiful and colourful entrance.

To do in Malmö

Sherlocked Escape Rooms

Sherlocked’s Baker Street Experience is an award-winning Real Life Escape Adventure, with the world of Sherlock Holmes as setting. We visited Baker Street and did not really know what to expect. It was a great escape room experience, and little bit different, because we were part of the plot! Do this together with a friend or partner, or gather a whole gang of friends for the full experience! (Can’t show you anything from inside for obvious reasons.. no phones allowed).

Disgusting food museum

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. At Disgusting food museum you can see 80 of the world’s most disgusting foods. Your ticket is a sick bag… that is scary enough. But if you are up for it you can smell and taste some of the notorious foods. Do you dare to taste fermented shark or balut (a developing duck embryo)? Not me! But I actually tried the crickets, meal worms and the worlds hottest chilli – the Carolina Reaper.

Ribersborgs kallbadhus

Located right by the beach in Malmö you’ll find the pretty outdoor bathing house Ribersborgs kallbadhus. It is over 100 years old! All year around, this is where both locals and visitors experiences cold water bathing and sauna – a beloved tradition in Malmö and in Sweden. This is a photo must (and really refreshing if you go in the water)!

To eat & drink in Malmö

Malmö Saluhall

Don’t know what to eat? Head over to Malmö Saluhall, you’ll definitely find something to still your hunger. The food market offers everything from burgers to ramen and the place is truly a meet up point for the locals. That being said, come early (or really late) and reserve a spot by your restaurant of choice – otherwise you’ll end up eating standing up!


At Bastard you can expect well cooked food and excellent service! Don’t miss the pizza that is fairly new on the menu. The lovely staff will help you match your food with a great wine or beer of your liking. Book a table in advance, the place is always packed.

Grand Öl & Mat

At Grand Öl & Mat you can come to have a beer with friends or to eat a really great dinner. We went for food and was pleasantly surprised by all the flavours. Don’t miss the brioche bread with roe! The place is very homey and jam packed on a Friday night. So again, book your table in advance.

San Greal

If you are looking for Malmös oldest champagne bar, this is it. San Greal is truly an elegant place and the best part is that everyone really is welcome here, no matter if you are a champagne expert or don’t know anything about champagne at all. The whole area of San Greal feels really luxurious, but with a homey twist. Next time we got to try the food as well, because the staff, seating and champagne was perfect.

Slottsträdgårdens kafé

How cute is this place? In Malmö’s castle garden you will find the cutest little café. In the summer it’s really nice to sit outside, but during the autumn and winter it’s really nice to sit in the heated greenhouse. Take a stroll around the park and then have a seat at this Instagram friendly place. Don’t miss the locally produced beer at the cafe!

The Lobby bar at MJ’s

This hotel really knows what a good cocktail is. Head over to MJ’s lobby bar before or after dinner for a tasty creation. I tried a cocktail with grapefruit sorbet, success of course!

Julie Vinbar

This wine bar is one of my absolute favourite spots in Malmö. They don’t have a wine list – you have to enter the wine room (or just ask the staff what they recommend!). Besides great wine, they also offer lighter food and sell cheese and charcuteries both for eating in and take away. And how amazing is that stove in the middle of the place? I love the open space! A super cozy place to have a glass of wine and chat away.. They also have a super nice courtyard which is open during the warmer season.

Bonus tip: Where to stay in Malmö

Scandic Stortorget

With the beautiful square Stortorget just outside and Malmö’s restaurant district Lilla Torg just around the corner, this is the perfect hotel to explore Malmö city. And as I like to say – you know that it’s a good hotel when there’s bathrobes waiting for you!

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Malmö Town.

All opinions and recommendations are as always my own.

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