13 tips on what to see, do and eat in Malmö, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Malmö Town.

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and it is located in the south of the country. I spent a full weekend in Malmö and it was packed with good eats, cool street art and even a visit to an escape room outside of the ordinary. Here are my 13 best tips for your weekend away in Malmö!

To see in Malmö

Turning Torso

The most famous building in Malmö is the Turning Torso, which is designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. The building was ready for occupation on 1 November 2005 and it is 190 m high and consists of 54 floors with 147 apartments and offices. You can’t really visit inside, but it’s a cool building and probably Malmös most known landmark.

Read more about the Turning Torso on Swedish Nomad’s blog.

Malmö City Library 

I paid a quick visit to the city library which is a beautiful building that is completely free to enter. The panorama windows lets in a beautiful light and the atmosphere is very laid back. Come here for some quiet time and maybe dig in to a good book (or just for a photo of the amazing windows).

Street art

Malmö city is filled with colourful and cool street art. Either just take a causal stroll around the town or check out these streets specifically for big murals; Grynbodgatan, Stenhuggaregatan and Lilla Kvarngatan. Also pay a visit to Café Grannen, which has a beautiful and colourful entrance.

To do in Malmö

Sherlocked Escape Rooms

Sherlocked’s Baker Street Experience is an award-winning Real Life Escape Adventure, with the world of Sherlock Holmes as setting. We visited Baker Street and did not really know what to expect. It was a great escape room experience, and little bit different, because we were part of the plot! Do this together with a friend or partner, or gather a whole gang of friends for the full experience! (Can’t show you anything from inside for obvious reasons.. no phones allowed).

Disgusting food museum

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. At Disgusting food museum you can see 80 of the world’s most disgusting foods. Your ticket is a sick bag… that is scary enough. But if you are up for it you can smell and taste some of the notorious foods. Do you dare to taste fermented shark or balut (a developing duck embryo)? Not me! But I actually tried the crickets, meal worms and the worlds hottest chilli – the Carolina Reaper.

Ribersborgs kallbadhus

Located right by the beach in Malmö you’ll find the pretty outdoor bathing house Ribersborgs kallbadhus. It is over 100 years old! All year around, this is where both locals and visitors experiences cold water bathing and sauna – a beloved tradition in Malmö and in Sweden. This is a photo must (and really refreshing if you go in the water)!

To eat & drink in Malmö

Malmö Saluhall

Don’t know what to eat? Head over to Malmö Saluhall, you’ll definitely find something to still your hunger. The food market offers everything from burgers to ramen and the place is truly a meet up point for the locals. That being said, come early (or really late) and reserve a spot by your restaurant of choice – otherwise you’ll end up eating standing up!


At Bastard you can expect well cooked food and excellent service! Don’t miss the pizza that is fairly new on the menu. The lovely staff will help you match your food with a great wine or beer of your liking. Book a table in advance, the place is always packed.

Grand Öl & Mat

At Grand Öl & Mat you can come to have a beer with friends or to eat a really great dinner. We went for food and was pleasantly surprised by all the flavours. Don’t miss the brioche bread with roe! The place is very homey and jam packed on a Friday night. So again, book your table in advance.

San Greal

If you are looking for Malmös oldest champagne bar, this is it. San Greal is truly an elegant place and the best part is that everyone really is welcome here, no matter if you are a champagne expert or don’t know anything about champagne at all. The whole area of San Greal feels really luxurious, but with a homey twist. Next time we got to try the food as well, because the staff, seating and champagne was perfect.

Slottsträdgårdens kafé

How cute is this place? In Malmö’s castle garden you will find the cutest little café. In the summer it’s really nice to sit outside, but during the autumn and winter it’s really nice to sit in the heated greenhouse. Take a stroll around the park and then have a seat at this Instagram friendly place. Don’t miss the locally produced beer at the cafe!

The Lobby bar at MJ’s

This hotel really knows what a good cocktail is. Head over to MJ’s lobby bar before or after dinner for a tasty creation. I tried a cocktail with grapefruit sorbet, success of course!

Julie Vinbar

This wine bar is one of my absolute favourite spots in Malmö. They don’t have a wine list – you have to enter the wine room (or just ask the staff what they recommend!). Besides great wine, they also offer lighter food and sell cheese and charcuteries both for eating in and take away. And how amazing is that stove in the middle of the place? I love the open space! A super cozy place to have a glass of wine and chat away.. They also have a super nice courtyard which is open during the warmer season.

Bonus tip: Where to stay in Malmö

Scandic Stortorget

With the beautiful square Stortorget just outside and Malmö’s restaurant district Lilla Torg just around the corner, this is the perfect hotel to explore Malmö city. And as I like to say – you know that it’s a good hotel when there’s bathrobes waiting for you!

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Malmö Town.

All opinions and recommendations are as always my own.

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7 tips on what to see, do and eat in London | ThatSwedishTraveller

Tall skyscrapers with stunning views, lovely shopping at Camden Market and a pint or two at the local pub. Come along to London – a city full of experiences and places to discover. On a weekend you can do a lot in London, especially if you know where to go. Experience the magical world of Harry Potter, great restaurant visits and shopping – here are my 7 best tips for a wonderful weekend in London.

To see and do in London

There is obviously a lot of things to see and do in London, but here are some of my tips from my recent trip to this lovely city.

See the London skyline at Sky Garden

Head to Sky Garden, the building known as the ‘walkie talkie’ by Londoners and located in London’s financial district. 155 meters and 35 floors up you will find this amazing space, with high ceilings and windows in every direction, filled with lush plants and a view that is amazing. Go out on the outdoor terrace to soak up all of London below you! Get an excellent 360 degree view of London’s landmarks such as the River Thames, Tower Bridge and The Shard. Then sit down for a while in the cafe or bar. It is free to visit Sky Garden, but remember to book a time slot for the visit on their website!

Sky Garden in London
Sky Garden in London
Sky Garden in London
Sky Garden in London

Shopping in Camden Town

There are several lovely neighbourhoods in London and Camden Town is one of them. Take a walk to Camden Market and The Stables Market. Here you can stroll among small alleys and shop everything from jewellery and tea to vinyl records and clothing. Also, do not miss the food market with colourful street food from around the world. In Camden it is also common to see performances by talented street musicians, pop-up shops and other fun events.

Experience the magic of the Harry Potter studio tour

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, like me, you should not miss out on visiting Warner Bros Studios in London. Book a time slot through the website and head out to the 50,000 square foot building where the Harry Potter films were filmed for over 10 years. Seeing the props, characters and environments is a fantastic experience for the whole family. Try flying on a broom, visit Diagon Alley and see how the costumes and masks for all the magical creatures were created.

Eat well in London

There is an incredible range of restaurants and nightlife in London. Here are some tips on mouthwatering food and drinks. Eat Mexican street food, eat a luxurious hotel breakfast at a boutique hotel or eat a giant Argentinian dinner – in London the possibilities are endless!

Mexican food party at Wahaca

Visit Wahaca for fresh Mexican food with a wonderful concept created by Masterchef UK winner Thomasina Miers. Here you will find loads of colourful dishes, such as tacos, nachos and quesadillas. My favourite on the menu? The rib eye tacos! Don’t miss the drinks here either, which are as colourful as they are good!

Mexican street food at Wahaca in London
Mexican street food at Wahaca in London

Address: 66 Chandos Place Covent Garden (available in several places)

Hotel breakfast at The Pilgrm

The boutique hotel The Pilgrm in Paddington offers a refreshing break from the usual. The design here exudes a warm sense of calm and offers you a unique moment in London’s historic Paddington. The lounge and terrace on the first floor are both open daily between 07:00 and 22:30. The brunch menu includes traditional English breakfast, avocado toast and the slightly sweeter French toast. They also serve great coffee!

Breakfast at The Pilgrim in London
Breakfast at The Pilgrim in London

Address: 25 London Street

Experience the Argentine cuisine at Gaucho

Visit the meat restaurant Gaucho and step into another world full of Argentine aromas and flavours. The stylish interior and dull light breathes luxury. Take a drink or go straight to ordering fantastic meat dishes. This is where the Argentinian cuisine is in focus and before you have had a good look at the menu, the staff has come in with a large tray with different pieces of meat, and tells you what is available for the evening. If you are several people who want to share the food you should take the opportunity to order a meat tray with 4 different kinds of meat, 1.2 kilos! Perfect if you want to test a little bot of each, served together with wonderfully buttery mashed potatoes and great sauce. Remember to book a table in time!

Address: 89 Sloane Ave (available in several places)

Have a pint at Pride of Paddington

What is a visit to Englad without having a pint at a real British pub? Visit the cozy pub Pride of Paddington which is beautifully decorated with flowers. There are several different beers here and the pub is also a hostel, so be prepared for some happy backpackers. What exactly is a pint? It is a 0.5 liter volume that only applies to beer and cider in the UK.

Pride of Paddington
Pride of Paddington

Address: 1-3 Craven Road

These were some of my tips in London, there is obviously a lot more to do in this beautiful city. Do you have any recommendations for my next trip here?

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Bubotree: A new travel planner and social community | ThatSwedishTraveller

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Bubotree.com

Welcome to Bubotree.com

How do you plan your trips? Searching all over the web for recommendations, not knowing who to trust? Trying to get inspired by people on social media, but don’t know who to follow? Trying to organise your friends by writing long group messages in Messenger? Hold up, now there’s an easier way! Do as me, become a bubber!

With Bubotree.com you easily plan and organise all kinds of trips and events together! Just create a board for you and your friends and get started. You can also get travel inspiration and plenty of recommendations from people you trust. Just save the travel tips to your own board and keep planning for an unforgettable trip.

As a travel blogger who’s always on the run I love to use this tool since it’s easy for me to save and remember all the places I visit. It’s also perfect for me to send my boards to people when they ask about my travels tips. With Bubotree.com all my best tips are collected in one place!


Boards and travel tips

Its really easy to use Bubotree.com. The boards are where you save your travel tips.

  1. Create a board for your trip
  2. Create categories within the board, such as Where to eat or What to see
  3. Invite your friends to your board
  4. Share and save travel tips on the board together

The finished board will be filled with travel tips from you, your friends and from other bubbers as well, if you choose to save them to your board!

My boards

I have several boards from around the world,  but here’s an example of my board from Bucharest, Romania. I’ve created the board, made it public and written all those travel tips for you to get inspired by. Share it with friends or save it to your own board. Easy peasy! Find all my boards here.

Bucharest board on Bubotree.com
Bucharest board on Bubotree.com
Bucharest board on Bubotree.com
Bucharest board on Bubotree.com

What is a bubber?

I’m a bubber! When you’re using this travel tool you’re also one! I’m following plenty of different bubbers on Bubotree.com to get as much travel inspiration as possible and I love to find new bubbers to follow. Bubotree.com is a social platform so don’t forget one of the best things about it, you will not only find great travel tips here, but also new friends from all over the world!

Here are some of my favourite bubbers:

Luana – A Brazilian and Swedish journalist and digital nomad, always seeking for unique adventures around the world!

Jennie – One of the founders of Bubotree, always updating with new exciting travel tips from all over the world!

Tina – A Swedish travel addict & travel storyteller who lives in Norway, always on new adventures sharing her best travel tips!

Get inspired

If you’re not sure where you want to travel next or what do to on the trip you’ve already booked this section of Bubotree.com is especially for you, just click Get Inspired to read random travel tips from bubbers all over the world! Who knows, you might find your new favourite restaurant, an activity you never heard of or the coolest shop here!

Feeling excited yet? Sign up for free, have a look at all the amazing boards and travel tips and don’t forget to follow me and my boards as well! When you tried it, let me know what you think about this great new travel planner and social travel community, I’m curious to hear if you like it just as much as me!

And pssst… the site will soon transform in to an app! So it’s gonna get even easier to use Bubotree.com!

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Bubotree.com

Your new travel planner and social community

Gastro Natur on Hjälmaren in Örebro, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Escape the ordinary gastronomic experience with Gastro Natur 2019 on the Swedish lake Hjälmaren

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Katrinelunds Gästgiveri & Sjökrog and Visit Örebro.

A couple of weeks ago I visited Gastro natur on the lake Hjälmaren, this was one of three gastronomic experiences with Örebrokompaniet this year. In short the concept was a pop-up restaurant in an unexpected environment, e.g. in the middle of the forest, out on a lake or down in a mine. Me and about 25 other guests was served an innovative menu of locally sourced ingredients on the lake. This was for sure an unforgettable nature experience.

The raft

First off we took a bus about 40 min from Örebro out to Katrinelunds gästgiveri, who was responsible for the food of the night. Then we were greeted with champagne on a beautiful raft with live music. We all got onboard and the owner and head chef of Katrinelunds gästgiveri told us about tonights menu and how the night was going to unfold. Thereafter we had 3 smaller dishes while we slowly sailed out to the actual floating restaurant.

Gastro Natur
The amazing raft
Gastro Natur
The starters
Gastro Natur
Beef tartar
Gastro Natur
Grilled oysters
Gastro Natur
Gastro Natur

The floating restaurant and the menu

Have you ever seen anything like this? We were greeted by one of the chefs as we slowly approached the floating restaurant. We got onboard and we all fell in love with this tiny restaurant, complete with kitchen and grill onboard.

Gastro Natur
The floating restaurant
Gastro Natur
The floating restaurant
Gastro Natur
The chefs from Katrinelunds Gästgiveri and the grill onboard

The food was absolutely amazing. 9 dishes in total with natural flavours of Sweden. A fine selection of fish, lamb and vegetarian dishes.


The 360 view was breathtaking from the floating restaurant. A fun fact is that the lake Hjälmaren actually is Swedens 4th biggest lake but it is not deep at all, we could all get in and it was only knee-high! The deepest parts of Hjälmaren are about 22 meters though.

Gastro Natur
Sundown by the lake


Gastro Natur
Loving the view

Behind the scenes

Was there a toilet?! Yes! Of course we were all wondering how it would work since we were all in the middle of a lake. But trust me, the solution was great! Have you ever seen a toilet in a nicer environment? This mini toilet was just perfect!

But what about the dishes? Easy! In the middle of the evening the raft came back to get the dishes and also to deliver our dessert. In the mean time the dishes was kept in the water as seen in the picture below. So smart!

An amazing night!

I can not stress enough what an amazing night and experience Gastro natur truly was. If you have the chance to book it, do so! I am so curious about the two other pop-up restaurants in the woods and down the mine, I want to experience those as well. For now, just let me thank the amazing team from Katrinelunds Gästgiveri for excellent service and food and also a big thanks to Örebrokompaniet who invited me to this amazing experience.

Gastro Natur
The chefs and our excellent waitress Hanna
Gastro Natur
Magical sundown
Gastro Natur
Coziness on the raft back home

Here is a film from last year’s Gastro natur if you want to see more of how the events can look.

Read more about Katrinelunds Gästgiferi & Sjökrog.

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Katrinelunds Gästgiferi & Sjökrog and Visit Örebro.

Read more about Amazing street art with OPENART in Örebro.

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Amazing street art with OPENART in Örebro, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Discover amazing street art all over Örebro city with OPENART 2019

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Visit Örebro and This is Örebro.

You all know how much I love street art, right? I just spent the weekend in a town called Örebro in Sweden, where there is an ongoing street art exhibition throughout the town.

The project is called OPENART and had it’s first open art exhibition in 2008, in this year’s edition you will find about 60 artists representing 19 different nationalities, who together exhibits about 80 artworks in the city centre of Örebro! A M A Z I N G!

I spent a couple of hours using the official app called OPENART to navigate and find the different pieces and there’s even a function where you can tic the pieces of after seeing them. I managed to see just about 30 pieces in a couple of hours, there’s really a lot of them near Örebro Castle where I mostly walked.

In love with the bright colors!

From OPENARTs webpage: 

OpenART is Scandinavia’s largest biennial for contemporary art, taking place during 12 summer weeks in Örebro. It is a biennial that revolts against traditional urban spaces, encourages creativity, and gives us the opportunity to experience the city from completely new perspectives. Works of art invade the city’s streets, squares, parks and waterways, taking over cultural scenes, shopping centres, building facades and Örebro Castle. When contemporary art becomes this accessible to the public, it promotes a dialogue about what art means to society. The exhibition invites both established and up-and-coming artists from around the world.

The Hermit by Astrid Myntekaer
OUT/Judy & Dorothy (The song from somewhere) by Elsa Tomkowiak
OUT/Judy & Dorothy (The song from somewhere) by Elsa Tomkowiak

The exhibition in itself is free, but there is also guided tours for both kids and adults, where you can buy tickets through Ticketmaster. There are also creative workshops for those who are interested, read more here. Also, don’t miss the OPENART app with a map and artist/descriptions of all the pieces!

Sweaty tummy club by Erika Stöckel
I have achieved nothing until I found myself by Ulrika Sparre
Razzle dazzle by Karima Klasen
Octopus attacks! by Filthy Luker & Pedro Estrellas

This final art work is probably my favourite, since I think it is amazing that even Örebro Castle is part of the street art exhibition. This years OPENART edition is open until 1 september 2019! If you have the chance I really recommend you to visit this amazing art exhibition, this year or in the future. Not only do you have the chance to see amazing art but you also discover beautiful Örebro city at the same time!

Read more about OPENART.

Read about my latest visit to Örebro, Influencers of Sweden – Fall workation.

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Visit Örebro and This is Örebro.

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Enjoy Old Towns most beautiful hotel Victory Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Experience Stockholms naval history at Victory Hotel

This blogpost was written in collaboration with The Collector´s Hotels.

Near the metro station in Old Town, Stockholm (Sweden) you will find the gorgeous Victory hotel. The hotel is part of the three Collector´s Hotels, all found in Old Town, owned by the antique collectors the Bengtsson family. The Victory Hotel is a personal and exclusive hotel and it’s even a tourist attraction in itself with its unique private collection of maritime antiques, passionately selected by the founder, Gunnar Bengtsson.

A bit of history

Victory hotel is the largest hotel among the Bengtsson family’s private hotels in Old Town and it’s named after the British naval hero Lord Nelson’s ship, HMS Victory. The Victory Hotel opened its doors in 1987. The hotel has many stories to tell, but the most significant one is probably the fact that historic relics still hide in the building. In the beautiful breakfast and conference room, remnants of Leijontornet can be seen, a tower that was once part of the defense wall in Stockholm in the 14th century. The Victory hotel will leave you speechless and even more curious about Stockholms naval history.

The reception (and whole hotel) is filled with maritime antiques and curious artefacts that all bears an interesting story. One of the stories is the love between naval hero Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton who’s love letter is found in the reception. I find it very interesting with these true stories and all the memorabilia that is found within the Collector’s collection!

The reception

The rooms

The hotel has borrowed its name from a British ship, but all the rooms are named after a Swedish sea captain. Every room contains photos, memorabilia and interesting facts about the captain that the room is named after, including a model of his ship. All the rooms have a genuine feel and a personal touch, and the hotel offer everything from comfortable single rooms to a stunning 18th century suite.

I stayed one night in the lovely room “Kapten Svensson” and was greeted with a luxurious kit of strawberries, chocolate and champagne. The room was spacious with a nice little view of the Old Town street outside. The room was as promised filled with photos, a model ship and other memorabilia. My favourite detail was the port wine carefully set out on the bedside table. Such small details really make the whole experience so much nicer!

Outside my room Captain Svensson

Captain Svensson

Wow what a welcoming!

Photos and model of the ship

The portwine
A chocolate coin in front of a Swedish folklore cabinet in the room

The restaurants and bars

Inside the hotel you will find the popular and award-winning restaurants, Djuret and Flickan, the comfortable bar Tweed and the wine bar The Burgundy.

I went for a drink at the bar Tweed, it is lovely decorated with big and comfortable arm chairs, but as the hotel also has a beautiful courtyard I decided to sit outside and enjoy a very well made Moscow Mule. The courtyard is found if you take the narrow stairs up one floor, the courtyard it’s very well hidden from the outside. I think that the bars and restaurants are very well known to the Stockholmers, for those who know, if you get me! This is not a place you stumble upon, but a place to be recommended to and then explored. Good thing I can recommend this to you now then, right?

A Moscow Mule and a Negroni in the courtyard
Sit outside if the weather allows!

I didn’t have dinner at the hotel this time, but I hope to visit soon and share my experience with you. Djuret and Flickan are supposed to be two of Stockholms best restaurants!

The breakfast

The breakfast at Victory hotel is served in a lovely setting, in the cellar of the hotel, and there is most definitely something for everyone on the buffet. From cold dishes to warm – the food is well prepared and best enjoyed with a cup of Swedish coffee. Sit and eat for a long while, be amazed by the old defense wall and prepare for a full day in Stockholm!

My overall impression is very good of the Victory hotel. The staff is lovely, the location perfect, the rooms gorgeous and the food and drinks amazing. There’s really not much that can be improved at the Victory hotel. I do recommend to come here during low season to explore all the areas of the hotel without any stress.

Visit the other Collector’s hotels Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson to enjoy even more history and amazing antiques.

Victory hotel, Lilla Nygatan 5, 111 28 Stockholm

This blogpost was written in collaboration with The Collector´s Hotels.

Sleep well at Swedens narrowest hotel the Lord Nelson in Stockholm, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Stay near Stockholm city centre at the hotel Lord Nelson

This blogpost was written in collaboration with The Collector´s Hotels.

On the main street of Old Town, Stockholm (Sweden) you will find the beautiful hotel Lord Nelson. The hotel is part of the three Collector´s Hotels, all found in Old Town, owned by the antique collectors the Bengtsson family. Lord Nelson is Swedens narrowest hotel (its only 6 meters wide) and it is filled with marine themed antiques. Also, it will only take you 10 minutes to walk to Stockholm city centre.

The hotel building is only 6 meters wide

A bit of history

The Lord Nelson has been open and been receiving guests since 1974. It’s named after the famous Admiral Lord Nelson, one of England’s greatest heroes of all time. The Lord Nelson hotel is housed in a building that dates back to the 17th century and is reminiscent of an old ship. Throughout the interior you will find marine themed antiques that will have you dreaming about life at sea. The building, with its powder-pink facade, was originally home to the printer Ignatius Meurer. He printed the Karl X Bible together with Göran Helsing. This bible is now back in the house as part of the antique collection. It can be admired in a showcase in the hotel lobby.

A replica of Lord Nelson in the hotels reception

The hotel rooms

As you gathered, the marine theme runs throughout the whole hotel. The rooms feature sealed deck flooring, a ship valve and an exact model of the antique ship that the room is named after. The room categories are also named after and inspired by life at sea. I stayed in the hotel room called Hotspur and I also found the ship replica over my bed. The rooms are of the smaller kind, but they are carefully furnished to fit everything one needs for a perfect hotel stay. You will find three different sizes of rooms at this hotel; single rooms, small double rooms and double rooms.


I took a walk in the building and I am impressed by all the antiques that are carefully placed out on the different floors. There is a cozy living room area where you can find a good book and just relax, or look out the window and admire the beautiful setting of Old Town.

The reception and breakfast area really makes you feel like you’re on a ship. The staff is very friendly and will help you with any kinds of requests. The hotel is perfect for a one or two night stay if you want to live close to the city center. The hotel is also located near the Swedish parliament, so it’s not uncommon to see various politicians from all over the world staying at the Lord Nelson.

The real love story between Emma Hamilton and Lord Nelson

Horatio Nelson, born in 1758, was a British flag officer in the Royal Navy. He was noted for his inspirational leadership, grasp of strategy, and unconventional tactics, which together resulted in a number of decisive British naval victories, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars. He was shot and killed at the age of 47 during his final victory at the Battle of Trafalgar near the Spanish port city of Cádiz in 1805.

Lady Emma Hamilton (which one of the three Collector’s hotels are named after) was a gorgeous model and dancer born in 1765 in England and is best known for being British Admiral Horatio Nelson’s mistress. She was also a woman known for her scandalous behaviour. After being a mistress of another man, she eventually married his uncle who is said to have paid off her former lover’s debts. She then got the title Lady Hamilton and became a leading socialist lady in Naples and close friends with the Queen of Austria.

Over time, she got to know and became a lover of Lord Nelson. Emma was Lord Nelson’s great love despite her past. Lady Hamilton lived openly with Lord Nelson after her husband’s death. Together they got a daughter and they were deeply in love. Nelson died later in the war and it is said that Lady Hamilton was not allowed to attend his funeral. After his death, she is said to have returned to her wasteful life and she died indebted and poorly in France.

Visit Victory Hotel  to read the real love letters between the couple.

Visit the other Collector’s hotels Lady Hamilton and Victory Hotel to enjoy even more history and amazing antiques.

Collector’s Lord Nelson Hotel, Västerlånggatan 22, 111 29 Stockholm

This blogpost was written in collaboration with The Collector´s Hotels.

Relive a lost and romanic era at the Lady Hamilton Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Find romance again at beautiful hotel Lady Hamilton

This blogpost was written in collaboration with The Collector´s Hotels.

In the mystical alleys of Old Town in Stockholm (Sweden) you will find the gorgeous hotel Lady Hamilton. The hotel is part of the three Collector´s Hotels, all found in Old Town, owned by the antique collectors the Bengtsson family. Lady Hamilton is, as the name suggests, a feminine and romantic hotel and its also filled with folk style antiques.

A bit of history

The amazing old building where the hotel now is located dates back to the 1470s. The time of regent Sten Sture the Elder. The building was originally three separate properties, but once bought by the merchant Lorens Erdtman, they were converted into one single building.

The Bengtsson family purchased the property in 1975 and turned it into Lady Hamilton hotel. Don’t miss Lady Hamilton’s cellar which houses a unique feature – a 15th century well. This entitled the owner to a lower fire insurance premium in the 18th century. Today the well is used as a plunge pool in which hotel guests can cool off after taking a hot sauna.

A replica of Emma Hamilton in the hotel's reception
A replica of Emma Hamilton in the hotel’s reception

The hotel rooms

The rooms all have a personal touch and they are decorated with a traditional ”dalamålning” on the wall and don’t miss the antique wall cabinet containing a bottle of Swedish liquor aquavit.

At Lady Hamilton you can choose to stay in a comfortable single room or in one of the bigger double rooms with a view over the Old Town rooftops. The hotel is located right next to the Royal Palace, so you’re guaranteed an amazing view just by walking to the hotel entrance.

Since the hotel is popular amongst ladies travelling alone you can also stay in a Lady Room, which includes a special treat for the ladies… Of course it’s a surprise what that treat is!

Lady Hamilton also offers several fully furnished apartments for you who want to stay a longer period in Stockholm or if you want an even more “homey” stay.

My visit at Lady Hamilton

I stayed in beautiful room nr 24, called Hässelklocka. All the rooms are named after Swedens province flowers. This room was beautifully decorated with both the “dalamålning” on the wall and with the antique wall cabinet. I enjoyed a great sleep in the big double bed and I also used the sauna in the cellar before going to bed. Of course I also tried the famous Afternoon Tea right at the beginning of my visit.

What struck me the most about this hotel is the antiques and the feeling of finding new pieces wherever you turned. I took a walk though all the floors and I’m amazed by all the antiques this hotel holds. If you like history and quirky locations this is definitely the place for you.

The hotel also has a beautiful courtyard that sadly was closed during my stay since I visited in the winter. I can only imagine how cozy it must be during the spring and summer. I’ll definitely come back for a drink in the courtyard.

Afternoon Tea at Lady Hamilton

The Afternoon Tea at this hotel is absolutely magical. I visited on a Saturday and I enjoyed delicious treats such as great sandwiches and pastries in the carefully decorated restaurant. Don’t miss out on the freshly baked scones, with marmalades and clotted cream. My favourite was of course the sweet pastries with the finest ingredients. Of course I also tried the delicious teas and a glas of well-chilled champagne.

When: One session a day every Saturday and Sunday between October to March: 14:00-16:00. Be sure to book a table to ensure your visit.

Price: Afternoon Tea 279 SEK/person, Afternoon Tea including champagne 369 SEK/person, Afternoon Tea with a glass of non alcoholic cider 305 SEK person.

The real love story between Emma Hamilton and Lord Nelson

Lady Hamilton is not only a beautiful name for the hotel, she also existed in real life. The gorgeous model and dancer Emma Hamilton was born in 1765 in England and is best known for being British Admiral Horatio Nelson’s mistress. She was also a woman known for her scandalous behaviour. After being a mistress of another man, she eventually married his uncle who is said to have paid off her former lover’s debts. She then got the title Lady Hamilton and became a leading socialist lady in Naples and close friends with the Queen of Austria. Over time, she got to know and became a lover of Lord Nelson. Emma was Lord Nelson’s great love despite her past. Lady Hamilton lived openly with Lord Nelson after her husband’s death. Together they got a daughter and they were deeply in love. Nelson died later in the war and it is said that Lady Hamilton was not allowed to attend his funeral. After his death, she is said to have returned to her wasteful life and she died indebted and poorly in France.

Visit the other Collector’s hotels Lord Nelson and Victory Hotel to enjoy even more history and amazing antiques.

Collector’s Lady Hamilton Hotel, , 111 28 Stockholm

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Food Guide: 24 h to eat in Riga, Latvia | ThatSwedishTraveller

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Latvian cousine and local food with new inspiration

When visiting Riga there are several places to go to eat great food. Below I have listed 4 of my favourite places for food that will blow your mind. It doesn’t matter if your looking for a great culinary experience or tasty bar snacks, Riga has something for everyone.

Follow my guide from morning to evening – 24 h to eat in Riga, Latvia.

1. Riga Central market

Start off early at the Riga Central market. The Central market is the most famous place to buy fresh groceries. Located near the city centre, in the Moscow district, these old buildings carry a lot of history from the First World War. The four connected facilities used to be where the Germans built their zeppelins during the war. Today they are filled with local salesmen who offers vegetables and fruits, meat, fish and local specialities like pickled cabbage and honey.

The market is a very popular place, 80.000 thousand people are said to pass through this market every day!

In one of the four facilities a new food court is being built. Read more about Central Gastro market further down.

Pickled cabbage is a Latvian speciality

Central Gastro market

In one of the facilities in Central market this new food court is being built. It’s going to be open Sunday – Thursday from 10-22, and weekends from 10-02, with a DJ playing until 02. The food court offers food from many different kitchens such as Mexican, Japanese and Italian, all with Latvian and locally produced products.

One of the restaurants in the food court also functions as a pop up restaurant for new restaurants to test out their kitchen for 1-3 months. Such an amazing idea! Don’t miss this new concept when visiting Riga, it’s going to be a great success!

Picture from Riga Street Food Festival. You can find RAV Burger inside the new food court.


Located in Riga Old Town it’s perfect to stop by MUUSU for a great food experience. The food is inspired by the classics of contemporary Europe, but also highlights own interpretations and seasonal accents. MUUSU is a beautiful restaurant with Nordic interior and the pottery is specially made by the Rauna brickyard. The restaurant aims to use only fresh food from local origin.

If you’re interested you can also take cooking classes at MUUSU. I spent about 4 h with one of the chefs from MUUSU and the result is this amuse bouche in the picture below. It was a very fun experience and the cooking class also made you realise how much hard work the chefs at MUUSU put in to deliver perfect food.

3. Ferma

Food for the people – the slogan of this restaurant is really true. The menu has something for everyone. Enjoy a luxurious four course dinner at Ferma, and let the waiters match your dishes with locally produced wine.

The chef behind the restaurant is a legend within Latvian restaurant business. Māris Astičs became a chef at age 23, opened the first private culinary school in Latvia at 25 and is now the owner and head chef at Ferma at age 29.

Trying the Black Balsam with FantasyDining – Make sure to try the Latvian Black Balsam when in Latvia. It’s a herbal alcoholic liquor similar to Jaegermeister. If you’re trying it for the first time it’s recommended to bite a piece of orange after, for a sweeter taste. There’s also a lighter version with black currant if you’re not brave enough to try the original straight away.

4. Ziemelu Enkurs

Find this hidden gem for a great beer tasting in Riga. Ziemelu enkurs translates into Northern anchor – a name given to the bar by one of the owners who is a ship captain. Ziemelu enkurs serves a variety of beers produced by their own brewery, just behind the bar. The staff knows everything about beer and are very excited to help you find the perfect match. If you don’t like beer they also serve wine and cocktails.

If you’re still hungry after visiting all the other places, this bar also serves a great variety of snacks. Try the garlic bread (Latvian rye bread with garlic and cheese) and the Crispy Chicken! My favourite beer was the lighter lager with influences of raspberry. They also served a great beer with the taste of Fishermen’s friend and a Baltic porter that can’t be missed.

Tasting different beers with FantasyDining and our lovely guide Agita. Priekā! Cheers!

These four restaurants are just a handful of Riga’s great varieties of restaurants. I hope you enjoyed my best tips and let your next trip abroad be a food journey in Riga, there is really so much to taste.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this blogpost!

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Food Guide: Riga Street Food Festival 2019 | ThatSwedishTraveller

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Your guide to great food at Riga Street Food Festival

I just spent a culinary weekend in Riga together with FantasyDining, Copenhagenjunkie.dk and Cammi.dk. We spent almost a full day at Riga Street Food festival to try out the amazing food. I can only say that I was pleasantly surprised.

The winter edition of this festival took place on the 12 January and was located in Old Town Riga. It was the second year in a row that 15 of Riga’s best restaurants had accepted the challenge of finding the true taste of Latvia, with a twist. All the food was cooked with Latvian ingredients and was designed to wow every kind of taste palette. Join me on this not so ordinary street food market!

Quick guide

When: 12 January 2019

Where: Old Town Riga

Cost: Free (food was around €5 a plate)

Festival area: Located outside in the open air and open between 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The area was filled with festival tents and bonfires, both seating and bar tables for eating while standing. Most tents accepted credit cards.

Bring: Warm clothes, a hungry belly and smiles.

Don’t miss: The salted caramel grilled banana topped with popcorn from Ferma.


The festival area

The area was open between 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and filled three connecting streets with food tents and bon fires. You were able to eat both sitting down and standing up, by different tables. My favourite spot was by the bonfires where people of all ages met to exchange thoughts on the food they were tasting.

A DJ was located on one of the streets to play up beat music for the whole festival to enjoy. We visited the area around two o’clock and the place was already crowded. It might be a good idea to plan your visit so you arrive when the festival area opens, to avoid the long lines to the food tents! All the restaurants had special ways to showcase their food – from big boiling couldrons over open fire to barbecues and amazing decorations. Over all it was a very nice vibe to the festival, with a lot of happy people and great food.

Besides the restaurants, the festival also collaborated with local street art artist KIWIE – to weld together the art of great food with great art. As a street art fan I was very happy to see his colourful creation at the food festival.

The different restaurants

A selection of 15 restaurants were showcasing their most creative dishes at the festival. The food was supposed to have a twist on Latvian cousine and was created especially for the festival. There was something for everyone; from fine dining to tacos. The restaurants I chose to visit was; RAVBurger, Ferma, Kolonade and Tinto. The restaurants all offered varieties of plates; entrees, small plates of main courses and desserts.

The food

I did four food stops at the festival. Four very different restaurants providing four scrumptious dishes! Which one is your favourite?

First stop: RAVBurgers, Centralais Gastro Tirgus

Nothing can go wrong with a medium rare burger with cheese and mushrooms! Such a good burger prepared on the big grill in the tent and enjoyed outside by the bonfires. It was a bit messy, so make sure that you have napkins at hand!

Second stop: Tinto

I didn’t expect to find flamed pancakes at the taco stand, but that is exactly what I did. It was an amazingly good pancake, flamed before my eyes in orange liqueur and served with raspberry jam and condensed milk. I could not be happier. Not sure if was supposed to be a main course or a dessert, but I’ll gladly have it as both!

Third stop: Kolonāde

This is a meatball sausage. Yes, you read that right! Meatball sausage. And it was soooo good! Believe me, I’m from Sweden and I know my meatballs. I’ve never had them like this before though and I was only happily surprised! Meatballs, mushroom gravy and red kale in a nice bun.

Fourth stop: Ferma

As mentioned in the quick guide; this was my favourite stop at the food festival! Grilled banana with salted caramel sauce topped with popcorn! I mean, wow! I haven’t seen or tasted anything like it and it was really a sweet dessert. It was served flaming hot and you had to open it and eat the banana from inside the peel. Both salty and sweet, soft and crunchy at the same time. It was definitely a winner!

Altogether, I had a great experience this cold winter day in Riga. I am already looking forward to the next edition of Riga Street Food Festival. I hope that you also chose to visit this mouthwatering, well organised and free event in the capital of Riga. If you have any questions or thoughts about the festival or this blogpost, feel free to leave a comment or contact me by email.

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