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Experience Bucharest – 72 hours in the capital of Romania

Have you ever been to Bucharest, Romania? No? This lively city should definitely be your next destination. If you are interested in exploring one of the most underestimated capitals in Europe this is the travel guide for you. I’m sure you’ll be looking at flights after reading this guide!

I spent 72 hours exploring Bucharest and I will share with you the ultimate city guide. You can do this trip over a weekend but since the city is very much alive it’s also great to travel here during the weekdays (which is normally cheaper too!). 

Bucharest is a city full of old history and new ideas. It’s shown everywhere – from the architecture to the friendly people. I’ll guide you through what to eat, see and do in Bucharest and even where you find the most Instagrammable spots!

But first, a quick bit of Bucharest history and facts;

  • Bucharest (București) is the capital and largest city of Romania, which was formed in 1859 and gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877. 
  • Bucharest is also called “Little Paris” or “Paris of the East” (Micul Paris) because of the French influences commonly shown in the architecture.
  • Bucharest is the sixth-largest city in the European Union (by population within the city limits). 1,8 million people live in Bucharest.

And a bit of Romanian facts;

  • Population: 20 million people
  • Currency: RON – Romanian Leu
  • Language: Romanian
  • Share boarders with: Ukraine, Hungary, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Serbia
  • Time zone: Summer = UTC +3 EEST. Winter = UTC +2 EET.
  • Most common religion: Christian ortodox

What to see in Bucharest

Palace of the Patriarchate – Palatul Patriarhiei

Address: Strada Patriarhiei

An amazing building with neo-classical style facade with a lot of history during the communist regime. The building is surrounded by an old church and other buildings forming “The Vatican” of Bucharest.

Romanian Athenaeum – Ateneul Român

Address: Strada Benjamin Franklin 1-3

A magnificent concert hall and a landmark of the Romanian capital city.

Carol Park – Parcul Carol

Address: Bulevardul Mărășești

This beautiful park is perfect for a stroll or a picnic. There you will also find the Mausoleum, (Mausoleul din Parcul Carol), known during the Communist régime as the “Monument of the Heroes for the Freedom of the People and of the Motherland, for Socialism”, which is now a Military Museum.

Memorial of Rebirth – Memorialul Renaşterii

Address: Piața Revoluției

A memorial that commemorates the struggles and victims of the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Its also known as the potato on a stick, the egg, the impaled potato and the nest. Apparently not even the Romanian people knows the name or understands this piece of art, therefore it’s now mostly tagged with graffiti and skaters use the area below it to skate and do tricks.

The red dots

These dots can be found on over 300 buildings in Bucharest and the signs explains that these buildings are in real danger to collapse if an earthquake would appear. Bucharest is the European capital that has the most earthquakes. Many people still live in these houses and apartments, while some are entirely empty.

The Arch of Triumph – Arcul de Triumf din București

Address: Piața Arcul de Triumf

As Bucharest is known as “Little Paris” of course there is a mini version of the Arch of Triumph. It’s not so small actually, it’s 27 m to the top and it’s not yet opened to the public. Rumours has it that it will open in 2019 to the public – let’s cross our fingers that it’s true! The arch is situated in the middle of a big roundabout so make sure to be careful when crossing over to this beautiful landmark.

What to eat in Bucharest

Have you ever tried Romanian food? No? Well, it’s time to book a full dinner because there is plenty of great food from the Romanian kitchen. And don’t worry if you want food from other places too, Bucharest is full of tasty restaurants that will keep you full and ready to explore more.

Romanian food tour with My Secret Romania

Address: Strada Pitar Moș 23

Visit the traditional restaurant “La Copac” and eat amazing food from Romania. While dining you learn about Romanian history and if you’re lucky you even get to know what the patterns on the traditional blouses mean. I recommend to book a food tour to really get to know the history about the traditional Romanian kitchen.

Bread and mashed beans

Sausages and potatoes in basil, with red onions

Our guide explaining the patterns

Manuc’s Inn – Hanul lui Manuc

Address: Hanul lui Manuc

A traditional restaurant that offers both set menus and an a la carte in Romanian food. Dine in a big and open space and be surprised when music suddenly starts playing and the staff suddenly comes out wearing traditional clothes and starts to show you different dances from all around Romania. Pro tip: try the Romanian red wine, it’s very good!

When in Romania you need to try “Telemea” – a cheese similar to feta cheese, but in my opinion – even better! Try both the salty and the sweet options.

Traditional dish “Sarmale” – Cabbage rolls filled with meat or vegetables, served with polenta and sour cream.


Address: Etaj 1, Strada Smârdan 30

Eat, drink and dance. Visit this restaurant and bar for great drinks and food from all over the world – do a nomadic culinary trip. The skybar gives you a great view of the city center. NOMAD is located in Old Town and to enter the restaurant you have to take an elevator straight from the street up to the restaurant.

Taqueria El Torito

Address: Strada Apolodor 3

Visit an authentic Mexican restaurant for the best margaritas in town and amazing tacos. There are two restaurants by El Torito and we visited the one with the address above. This restaurant offers you great food and a great Mexican vibe – the staff is also very friendly and will help you find the best dishes for you on the menu. If you come during warm months their decorated patio is open, a very nice place to dine.

Hop Garden

Address: Splaiul Unirii 225

Great food, great beer and a of course – a great time! Hop Garden won’t leave you disappointed – and definatly not hungry! Just look at the size of that burger! The kitchen is a mix of burgers, pastas, Romanian food and Mexican. Pro tip: order a dish with grilled meat or chicken, it’s really good!

Where to stay in Bucharest

Wondering where you should stay in Bucharest? I have two tips for you – one more luxurious and one more affordable. Both bringing you the best of the city!

Radisson Blu Bucharest

Address: Calea Victoriei 63-81

Price range: Upper

If you’re looking for something extra, this is really where you should stay. The five star hotel is several stories high and inside you’ll find 4 restaurants, 3 bars, a spa area and a swimming pool. The breakfast is a breakfast foodies dream, filled with extra details such as a Bloody Mary mixing station and a personal chef to cook you your omelet. And besides that, the hotel is located near the city center and close to the Instagrammable spots Passaje Victorlei and Passaje Englez.

Pura Vida Sky

Address: Strada Smârdan 7

Price range: Lower

This hostel is a two building delight in the middle of Old Town. At Pura Vida you’ll find hostel rooms and chill out areas and at Pura Vida Sky you’ll find more hostel rooms and also the famous Sky Bar with an amazing view over the city. Even if you’re not staying at the hostel you’re welcome to take a drink at the sky bar or work at the new co-working space.

Photos by Pura Vida Sky

Experience the nightlife in Bucharest

The nightlife in Bucharest is famous for being crazy and happening every single night! I can assure you that there is always something going on in Old Town or in the city centre. The following tips are just a few of my favourites from the bubbling night life in Bucharest!

Baru cu Bere

Address: Strada Stavropoleos 5

Visit Bucharest’s oldest beer garden and experience a magical evening. The beer garden outside is spacious and inside you’ll find amazing architecture and beer halls filled with people. Take the swing door in to another world.


Address: Strada Glodeni

A night club with clowns, popcorn, cotton candy and dancing on carousels? Yes, all of this can you experience at Bucharest’s craziest nightclub called Fratelli. You never know what to expect at this club. The night I was there it was carnival! The themes might change at this club but I’m sure they will all be crazy and make you step into a fantasy world!

Fabrica Club

Address: Strada 11 Iunie 50

This cool place is found a little bit outside the city center but is definitely worth a visit. Chill with a beer outside in the beer garden or dance all night inside this old fabric.

What to do in Bucharest

There is plenty of things to do in Bucharest. Here is a few of my favourite tips for you to explore!

RetroBuzz Romania

Do you have a drivers license? Perfect, then you can hire this cool retro bus to travel the city. You can even rent it to travel around Romania for a longer time, complete with a bed and kitchen in the van. What are you waiting for? Time to live the American van life in Romania!

Walking tours

During my visit in Bucharest I went on several walking tours. Listed below are a few that I recommend to get to know the city better. And the best part? Most of them are free!

Walkabout Free Tours – The Story of Bucharest

Good Living Bucharest – How Bucharest Became the “Little Paris”

Open Doors Travel – Real life in the neighbourhoods of Giants

Walkabout Free Tours – The Royal Century

BTrip Bucharest – Old Town legends and stories

The pictures below are from the “Real life”-tour in the suburban neighbourhood Pantelimon. This is an old water tower now turned into street art by the community.

5 Instagram friendly spots in Bucharest

Bucharest is the perfect place for great Instagram photos! Everyday I visited a new place that blew me away, and sure will blow your followers away too! Check out these 5 Instagram friendly spots in Bucharest.

  1. The English Passage  – Pasajul Englez

2. The Bookshop – Cărturești Carusel

3. Arcul de Triumf

4. The Umbrella Passage – Pasajul Victoria

5. The Parisian passages – Pasajul Vilacrosse and Pasajul Macca



All these places are amazing Instagram spots as you can see and there are plenty more around town! Amazing buildings and street art is everywhere and there are plenty of cute shops and cafes that are picture perfect too. Make sure to be attentive when walking on the streets of Bucharest – there is always something new and beautiful to see!

Short summary of my 72 h Bucharest visit

To sum up my experience in Bucharest I must say that 3 days was not enough. I came here during the colorful autumn and I sure want to be back for the parties in the streets in summertime and for the Christmas markets in the winter. Bucharest is a perfect all year around destination – for a weekend or as I would recommend – an even longer stay. 

Let me know if you have more tips on Bucharest or if I can help you during your planning for your next Bucharest visit!


Disclaimer: This blogpost was written in collaboration with #ExperienceBucharest, through a sponsored press trip with ExperienceBucharest, ExperienceRomania and AMPT – Administrația Monumentelor și Patrimoniului Turistic București.

All opinions and recommendations are as always my own.


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A long city walk in Stockholm/Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Where to take a walk in Stockholm

As you might have seen on Instagram I spent the past weekend in Stockholm. I gathered some pictures for you from one of my many walks around the city. I love taking photos of buildings and street art.

If you want to visit the colorful houses below they are located near Karlaplan. The brickhouse is actually the Embassy of Uruguay. These buildings are also close to Humlegården which is a perfect place to take a stroll in.

Discover Stockholm

I think the best way to discover a new city is to walk and walk and walk. I usually look things up on Tripadvisor or so, but sometimes I think it’s even better to discover the city without any expectations. This is usually how I find cool spots! On this particular walk I found this pretty bike and loads of street art. Even if I’m from Stockholm I walked around in awe. If you want to tourist in your own city, make sure you go to places you’ve never been or hardly ever been to!

Street art in Stockholm

There is a lot of street art in Stockholm. It’s hard to tell you where to go tho since the art usually is removed and new art appear all the time! My best tip is simply to walk and keep your eyes wide open!

If you have any questions about Stockholm – where to walk, or anything else, feel free to ask! Since I’m born and raised in Stockholm I can help you wih pretty much anything! If you want a tip for a great coffee house, for instance, I recommend Drop Coffee!

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10 fun things to do in Stockholm

Hey! Are you going to spend some time in Stockholm and looking for great recommendations? Check out this list with 10 fun things to do in Sweden’s capital!

Here we go!

1. Hang out on Södermalm
Are you looking for hipster stores, restaurants and bars, this is the place for you. Södermalm is quite big and I’ll recommend the area around Götgatan, Nytorget and Hornstull/Tantolunden. Nytorget is great for breakfast/brunch/ice cream and shopping in small cool shops. Hornstull has great restaurants and a popping nightlife at Hornhuset. And Tantolunden which is a big park is great for chilling by the water, swimming, bbq and suntanning.

Bildresultat för götgatan

2. Go to the tivoli Gröna Lund
This is a theme park located on the island Djurgården. They offer great view over the water Mälaren, fun rides and some nights there is concerts on with various artists! Take the boat over to Djurgården from Slussen for the full experience!

Bildresultat för gröna lund

3. Have a drink at Dramatenterassen
The old theatre Dramaten is also home to the best balconyparties. The place is small, so check the opening times to be in time. Have a drink and enjoy the beautiful view over the harbour. Fun fact – I used to work here as a waitress!

Bildresultat för dramatenterassen

4. Visit all the rooftops
There is several rooftops to visit for food and drinks.. Urban Deli 9th Floor, TAK, Stockholm under stjärnorna, Slakthustaket and Mosebacketerassen are some of the good ones!

Relaterad bild

5. Walk around the Old Town
The old town in Stockholm city is super cosy but it’s also very expensive for food and shopping. I’ll recommend to just take a walk in this area and find all the narrow alleys and hidden shops. The royal castle is also located in this area, if you want to have a look at this big building.

Bildresultat för gamla stan

6. Chill in Kungsan
Kungsträdgården or Kungsan, is a large park in the middle of Stockholm city. It’s a nice place to eat lunch or walk through if the weather is nice! There is usually some event going on in this park, such as the food festival Smaka på Stockholm (Taste Stockholm). The park is also known worldwide for its cherryblossoms!

Bildresultat för kungsträdgården

7. Shop on Drottninggatan
This is the ultimate shopping street. This place is always crowded, especially during summer time. But if you’re looking for Swedish designs and good shopping this is the place for you!

Bildresultat för drottninggatan

8. Eat at Thaibåten or Koh Phangan
If you’re a fan of Thai food, like I am, you really need to check out these places. It’s a full on Thai experience to visit these restaurants. Thaibåten is a boat that even has a fake beach to hang at during your pre-dinner drinks!

Bildresultat för thaibåten

9. Party at Stureplan

If fancy parties is your thing, this is the place for you. Look sharp, be on time and be ready to pay! A lot. This is the most expensive area to go out and drink and it’s also famous (or infamous) by Stockholmers. But if you’ve never been you definitely need to go here and dance until the sun rises!

Bildresultat för stureplan

10. Check out the galleries at Fotografiska

If you want to be a bit cultural as well you should check out the art at Fotografiska. This is a centre for contemporary photography and also serves great food! This place also has a fantastic view over lake Mälaren!

Bildresultat för fotografiska

*All the pictures are taken from Google and are not mine*

Since I’m from Stockholm I have a hundred more tips for you! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about Swedens capital!

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Read about Gothenburg instead!

5 fun facs about Swedish Midsummer

Did you celebrate Midsummer?

I did. I didn’t have any flowers in my hair tho, but we ate traditional Swedish dishes and joined the neighbors outside to rise a midsummer pole.

Here are 5 fun facts about Swedish Midsummer

1. Midsummer is celebrated around the summer solstice, a Friday between 19-25 June, which is the longest day of the year. This year it was on the 22 June.
2. In Stockholm there is a big Midsummer celebration at a zoo called Skansen which is broadcasted on national tv
3. A Midsummer menu is usually filled with pickled herring, boiled new potatoes with dill and sour cream and chives. And of course the meatballs that appear at every Swedish holiday menu…
4. Midsummer is all about gathering your loved ones and dancing together and playing games (and drinking like a Viking)
5. Featured in the Midsummer celebration is also: way to strong schnapps (Nubbe), mosquito bites, the usually cold and rainy weather and the day after midsummer hangover

For you who aren’t Swedish I hope this was a little bit fun to read. And for all my Swedish readers; Happy Midsummer! 🌸

Gothenburg summer vibes

Gothenburg is lovely atm and I haven’t shared a lot of photos on here for a while. So here’s some pictures from my favourite Swedish town! It’s mostly food and some pictures from my photo shoot with David. Let me know if you have any questions about where the photos are taken.

I’m currently working a lot, but I try to make little trips to places nearby. My next planned trip is to Palma in Spain, but that’s in August so i suspect that something spontaneus might appear before that… You never know! Now I’m off to ride my new bike around Gothenburg. Have a nice day ☺️🌻

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Longing for Swedish summer

Every year it’s the same.. is it ever coming?

Well, yes it is. But not quite yet. This summer I’ve decided to explore more of Sweden. I’m already going to Malmö on Friday, Sweden’s third largest city. Home of Zlatan and the Turning Torso. And hopefully I’m going surfing in Varberg on the west coast, later this summer. Sweden is really filled with little pearls. The two biggest islands, Gotland and Öland, are two of them I think! I’ve spent time on both of them and even though the tourists usually travel to the mainland, the islands are something special.

My top 3 destinations in Sweden during summer time

1. Smögen, for the scenery. Eat delicious seafood and enjoy life by the windy west coast. Walk by the cute boathouses and enjoy the sunset on a cliff.

2. Gotland, for the island vibes. Walk through medieval streets and make sure to bike around the island. In the summer the place lits up and becomes home to great restaurants and night life!

3. Stockholm, for the city chill out. Find the fake palm beaches or the city park hang outs. It’s like mini festivals in the parks in town! Escape the city center, Old Town and the tourists.. you’ll find the best hang outs in the southern parts of the city!


Swedish summer is truly gorgeous when it arrives.. below are pictures from Smögen last year!

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Where and how to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 🍀

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! 🍻🇮🇪

Today is a very special day to me since I used to live in Ireland. I stayed there for six months during my Erasmus program in 2016. But I was actually celebrating this day in Dublin earlier, in 2014, with three of my closest friends. We went to Dublin for a city weekend and fell in love with the place!

I want to share my love for Ireland and where and how to celebrate this beer drinking, green dressing and happy celebrating day!

So why do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

It’s an Irish tradition that goes way back to the 1600s. The Irish celebrate it, it’s said, because of a saint named Saint Patrick who brought the Christian religion to the island. It’s also said that he banished all the snakes from Ireland, and to this day there is actually no snakes on the island. In the beginning the Irish people celebrated this day in church and then with the family, but now it’s a full on national party with parades and activities. We celebrate it every 17th of March, which is when Saint Patrick’s said to have died!

Where to celebrate St Paddy’s?

In Dublin of course! The day is celebrated all over the world but naturally the Irish celebrate it the most! It’s a bank holiday and everyone, from the youngest to the eldest celebrate this day. In Dublin there’s a big parade on the 17th of March from Grafton Street to O’Connell Street.

The best pubs to visit in Dublin during the holiday is The Temple Bar, Searsons of Baggot Street och McSorley’s. There is also parades and big celebrations in Galway, Cork och Belfast. The biggest parade outside of Dublin is in Dowpatrick in Northen Ireland. A little side note is that Saint Patrick is said to be buried there!

The holiday is also celebrated a lot in the US since a lot of people there are from Irish heritage. In NYC the Americans celebrate with a huge parade from Fifth Avenue that usually gather about 2 million visitors!

In Sweden Irish pubs all over the country celebrate a little bit extra with Guinness and activities. Around the world different buildings are lit up with green light, such as the Sidney Opera House. Some city’s even color their rivers green!

How to pour the perfect pint

Below are pictures from 2014 when I was in Dublin at the Guinness Brewery, learning how to pour Guinness properly. If you didn’t know there are a lot of rules to follow to pour the perfect pint!

Step 1: Choose the Right Glass and Proper Angle
Choose a clean, dry, 20-ounce, tulip-shaped pint glass. The bump in the wider neck allows nitrogen bubbles to move down the side of the glass and back up into the neck of the beer. Tilt the glass away from you at a 45-degree angle; if you don’t, the Guinness will froth, will take forever to settle and may taste bruised.

Step 2: Pull the Tap Toward You
That way, you release the Guinness until it fills the glass to the bottom edge of the tulip’s bump. On many Irish tulip pint glasses, there’s a gold harp icon (aka the Guinness harp); for the truly perfect pour, fill it halfway up this harp. Then, don’t touch it until you see a vivid distinction between the dark ruby-red body and creamy white head. This may take a few minutes, so sit back and relax.

Step 3: Hold It Level
Once it’s settled, put your Guinness up to the tap and hold it level. (You want a dome effect when you top it off, so skip the 45-degree angle this time.) Push the tap away from you, pouring the Guinness slower. Aim directly into the middle of the foam head until it settles half a millimeter above the lip of your pint glass. Wait. A smaller, second settling period is crucial.

Step 4: Sip It Right
The last and perhaps the most important step is sipping your Guinness. Hold it up to the light to marvel at the ruby-red color. Then, bring it to your lips, and sip the foam until you hit the body of the beer. Swish. Swallow. Bottom’s up.

But if you can’t resist having an Irish bartender pour you a pint, remember this cardinal Guinness-drinking rule: Paws off. Don’t touch your Guinness before the bartender hands it to you. The perfect pour takes time.

Read more where this guide is found on TravelChannel !

St Patricks Day 2018

Today I’ll celebrate St Patricks Day with good friends at Järntorget in Gothenburg, probably at the Irish bar called Irish Embassy. We’ll definitely have to many Guinness and cause trouble of all sorts!

Come have a pint o Guinness!

// Isabelle – ThatSwedishTraveller

Oh, and remember, if you don’t like Guinness (how?!) you can order a Baby Guinness shot instead! It doesn’t contain any Guinness even tho the name might indicate so.. it’s usually made of coffee liqueurs such as Bailey´s or Kahlua and Irish Cream, yummie!!

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Staycation in Gothenburg

Have you ever gone on a staycation? Or should I say stayed?

This is the best travel hack ever, especially if you don’t really have the budget or time to go travelling right now.

The word is a mix of stay (meaning stay-at-home) and vacation and originally meant to stay at home and enjoy activites, or enjoying activites within driving range. The term became popular in the US during their financial crisis in 2007-2010, since no one really could afford to go on a real vacation. The concept spread and now it’s well known! Now people actually go on staycations even though they would afford to go on a real vacation.

It’s actually a really good concept, with a lot of benefits. It’s less costly since you don’t have to travel, which is also good for the planet. You don’t have to stress over long drives or train rides, making it to the airport on time, packing much or getting a jetlag. Staycations are beneficial for local businesses too, since you might try out a new restaurant or shop at a shop you’ve never been to. You know, support your locals!

If you feel like you already know your own city and it’s activites too well, you can go on a nearcation! It’s the same thing just in a city really close to where you are at. I would love to go on a nearcation in the middle of Sweden, since I usually travel between Stockholm and Gothenburg. It would be cool to see a city that’s close by but I’ve never been to before..

Would you enjoy a staycation? Or would you rather go on a nearcation?

This Friday me and Philip went on a staycation here in Gothenburg. We did not do any specific activity, such as a visiting museum, since we were both working during the day. But after work we met up for food and then checked in at the hotel Scandic Crown . We chilled in the hotelroom and spent most of the evening in the relax area bubbeling away in the jacuzzi. We enjoyed it so much! It was so nice to have a little get away and not think about anything but ourselves. No job, no email, no “we need to clean the flat”. We just shut all of that out, for one night, and totally relaxed. Honestly, we fell asleep like 10 pm. We woke up this Saturday morning so fresh and energized. We ate the lovely hotel breakfast and went for a morning dip in the jacuzzi.

The rest of the weekend has been so nice since we set the mood for it with our staycation! I think the concept of enjoying your own city is perfect. Book a table at that restaurant you never been to, go to that museum or give yourself that relaxing night at that nice hotel! Sometimes I think people are to cheap to spoil themselves. Don’t forget that you’re really worth some you-time!

What are your thoughts on staycations? Let me know in the comments!

Much love,


Isabelle – thatswedishtraveller

Pictures from Scandic Crown, in the city center of Gothenburg, Sweden.

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My Top 5 – Bali & Gili Air


I just entered a blog post competition in Sweden for The competition is about sharing your five best tips for a destination and I decided to do Bali and Gili Air, which I traveled to in August 2017. Head over to to read it (in Swedish). Would you like me to do one in English for you as well? Let me know in the comments!

Love & wanderlust,

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Budapest on a budget

Hello fellow traveller!

Me and my bf decided to not buy each other Christmas gifts this past year. Instead we booked a trip to Budapest! It was absolutely amazing… and cheap! Before booking we were researching for low budget weekend destionations and found out that Budapest was supposed to be really nice and worth the cost. And indeed it was.

Everytime I travel I always look up stuff to do and places to go. I love coming prepared but also love to stroll down the street and find hidden gems. This time we came quite prepared and had a list (that still is not completed) with places we wanted to visit and places we wanted to go to for food & drinks. Good to know is that the city is devided by a river, so on one side you have Buda and on the other side (city center) you have Pest. The currency used in Hungary is Hungarian forint (you’ll feel like a millionaire the first time you take out money from an Hungarian ATM).

I will show you some of my favourite stops in Budapest, on a Budget.

The 360 Bar

I mean, come on? How beautiful is this rooftop terrace with the amazing view and the heated igloos? I was like a little kid running around those igloo tents. Stunning view, no entrence fee and you were free to sit in the igloos which contained tables with chairs and blankets. The drinks was really nice and affordable as well! I even recieved free drink tickets with my pictures of the bar on Instagram , so I guess we’ll have to come back soon…

Just strolling about…

I am a big fan of walking, especially when I don’t know what’s around the corner… Walking in December might seem like a stupid idea but it was not that cold actually. We just put our hats on and kept walking.. Since we were there from 20-24 December there was a lot of Christmas markets to see. The one by St. Stephen’s Basilica was my favourite. I tried the famous Chimney cake at the market, which is a sweet bread roll with chocolate or vanilla pudding inside and cream on top. I even got a candy penguin! Other findings on our walks is in the pictures below… Budapest is an old and beautiful city, you will find cool architecture and secret passages everywhere.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Oh my, can you imagine finding this place as a Harry Potter nerd? I was in awe. This place is found on the Buda side of the river, by Buda Castle. And honestly, I was not as impressed by the castle as I was of these buildings! As you can see the view was stunning and you can see the famous Parliament Building on the Pest side. We went over to see the Parliament as well, it’s magnificent. If you’re interested they do free walking tours inside as well.

Eating brunch

Those who know me knows that I love a good breakfast or brunch, so naturally we had looked up some of the really good places. This plate was found at STIKA a really small but supernice place. Very hipster and Insta-friendly. Other places we visited was Cirkusz and A la Maison . I would recommend Cirkusz firstly but everyone on Tripadvisor already knows that (so be prepared to queue for a table). STIKA was very nice too, while A la Maison was not really good at all. It was a nice space to eat, don’t get me wrong, but the food tasted like old buffé food served to us on a platter…

Date night

So we were looking for somewhere to celebrate our anniversary and found the restaurant KOLLAZS. The place is connected to the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Pest city, and it was absolutely magical. Their lobby was so beautifully decorated and the restaurant was pretty too, with an inside balcony for us to sit in. The food and wine was great, and the service too. We had a really nice evening. We finished off our dinner with a chocolate fondant, I mean, we can’t leave unhappy after that, right? (Fine dining is not expensive in Budapest, go for a three course dinner and you’ll be happy to pay when you get the bill).

More food

So this is a Hungarian burger… it was really nice! From Lucky 7 burgers. We ate alot during our trip to Budapest (as we always do) and I would really encourage you to try the Hungarian goulash as well because it was really nice. Langos is also a dish that’s originally from Hungary. Of course we visited the Ruin Pubs as well, the Jewish quarters with many cool bars. And we had both a beer thermal bath and a regular thermal bath. For pictures vist my Instagram and for further tips email me or drop me a comment.

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