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Escape the ordinary gastronomic experience with Gastro Natur 2019 on the Swedish lake Hjälmaren

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Katrinelunds Gästgiveri & Sjökrog and Visit Örebro.

A couple of weeks ago I visited Gastro natur on the lake Hjälmaren, this was one of three gastronomic experiences with Örebrokompaniet this year. In short the concept was a pop-up restaurant in an unexpected environment, e.g. in the middle of the forest, out on a lake or down in a mine. Me and about 25 other guests was served an innovative menu of locally sourced ingredients on the lake. This was for sure an unforgettable nature experience.

The raft

First off we took a bus about 40 min from Örebro out to Katrinelunds gästgiveri, who was responsible for the food of the night. Then we were greeted with champagne on a beautiful raft with live music. We all got onboard and the owner and head chef of Katrinelunds gästgiveri told us about tonights menu and how the night was going to unfold. Thereafter we had 3 smaller dishes while we slowly sailed out to the actual floating restaurant.

Gastro Natur
The amazing raft
Gastro Natur
The starters
Gastro Natur
Beef tartar
Gastro Natur
Grilled oysters
Gastro Natur
Gastro Natur

The floating restaurant and the menu

Have you ever seen anything like this? We were greeted by one of the chefs as we slowly approached the floating restaurant. We got onboard and we all fell in love with this tiny restaurant, complete with kitchen and grill onboard.

Gastro Natur
The floating restaurant
Gastro Natur
The floating restaurant
Gastro Natur
The chefs from Katrinelunds Gästgiveri and the grill onboard

The food was absolutely amazing. 9 dishes in total with natural flavours of Sweden. A fine selection of fish, lamb and vegetarian dishes.


The 360 view was breathtaking from the floating restaurant. A fun fact is that the lake Hjälmaren actually is Swedens 4th biggest lake but it is not deep at all, we could all get in and it was only knee-high! The deepest parts of Hjälmaren are about 22 meters though.

Gastro Natur
Sundown by the lake


Gastro Natur
Loving the view

Behind the scenes

Was there a toilet?! Yes! Of course we were all wondering how it would work since we were all in the middle of a lake. But trust me, the solution was great! Have you ever seen a toilet in a nicer environment? This mini toilet was just perfect!

But what about the dishes? Easy! In the middle of the evening the raft came back to get the dishes and also to deliver our dessert. In the mean time the dishes was kept in the water as seen in the picture below. So smart!

An amazing night!

I can not stress enough what an amazing night and experience Gastro natur truly was. If you have the chance to book it, do so! I am so curious about the two other pop-up restaurants in the woods and down the mine, I want to experience those as well. For now, just let me thank the amazing team from Katrinelunds Gästgiveri for excellent service and food and also a big thanks to Örebrokompaniet who invited me to this amazing experience.

Gastro Natur
The chefs and our excellent waitress Hanna
Gastro Natur
Magical sundown
Gastro Natur
Coziness on the raft back home

Here is a film from last year’s Gastro natur if you want to see more of how the events can look.

Read more about Katrinelunds Gästgiferi & Sjökrog.

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Katrinelunds Gästgiferi & Sjökrog and Visit Örebro.

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Amazing street art with OPENART in Örebro, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Discover amazing street art all over Örebro city with OPENART 2019

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Visit Örebro and This is Örebro.

You all know how much I love street art, right? I just spent the weekend in a town called Örebro in Sweden, where there is an ongoing street art exhibition throughout the town.

The project is called OPENART and had it’s first open art exhibition in 2008, in this year’s edition you will find about 60 artists representing 19 different nationalities, who together exhibits about 80 artworks in the city centre of Örebro! A M A Z I N G!

I spent a couple of hours using the official app called OPENART to navigate and find the different pieces and there’s even a function where you can tic the pieces of after seeing them. I managed to see just about 30 pieces in a couple of hours, there’s really a lot of them near Örebro Castle where I mostly walked.

In love with the bright colors!

From OPENARTs webpage: 

OpenART is Scandinavia’s largest biennial for contemporary art, taking place during 12 summer weeks in Örebro. It is a biennial that revolts against traditional urban spaces, encourages creativity, and gives us the opportunity to experience the city from completely new perspectives. Works of art invade the city’s streets, squares, parks and waterways, taking over cultural scenes, shopping centres, building facades and Örebro Castle. When contemporary art becomes this accessible to the public, it promotes a dialogue about what art means to society. The exhibition invites both established and up-and-coming artists from around the world.

The Hermit by Astrid Myntekaer
OUT/Judy & Dorothy (The song from somewhere) by Elsa Tomkowiak
OUT/Judy & Dorothy (The song from somewhere) by Elsa Tomkowiak

The exhibition in itself is free, but there is also guided tours for both kids and adults, where you can buy tickets through Ticketmaster. There are also creative workshops for those who are interested, read more here. Also, don’t miss the OPENART app with a map and artist/descriptions of all the pieces!

Sweaty tummy club by Erika Stöckel
I have achieved nothing until I found myself by Ulrika Sparre
Razzle dazzle by Karima Klasen
Octopus attacks! by Filthy Luker & Pedro Estrellas

This final art work is probably my favourite, since I think it is amazing that even Örebro Castle is part of the street art exhibition. This years OPENART edition is open until 1 september 2019! If you have the chance I really recommend you to visit this amazing art exhibition, this year or in the future. Not only do you have the chance to see amazing art but you also discover beautiful Örebro city at the same time!

Read more about OPENART.

Read about my latest visit to Örebro, Influencers of Sweden – Fall workation.

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Visit Örebro and This is Örebro.

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Influencers of Sweden – Fall workation in Örebro | ThatSwedishTraveller

What is a workation?

It’s a mix between work and vacation! A few weekends ago I met up with about 20 other Swedish bloggers to work, workshop, network and enjoy a great vacation in Örebro, Sweden.

Saturday – Hotel breakfasts and workshops

I traveled early on the Saturday morning from Gothenburg to Örebro and arrived just in time for the hotel breakfast at Clarion Hotel Borgen. After we all had a welcome meeting during the breakfast we joined the hotel manager for a tour around the amazing suites at the hotel.

How beautiful is this hotel? And old bank turned into luxurious hotel.

After the tour we had a workshop with blogger and photographer Caroline Frankesjö about Lightroom editing. I’ve used different apps to edit my photos so it was nice to learn more about Lightroom and experimenting with it.

After the first workshop we had an amazing lunch at the hotel. Salmon with mashed potatoes! And how about that dining set up, just for us.

After lunch we had two workshops at Kulturhuset, one about film production and one about influencer marketing within politics. After that we had some time to mingle and get ready at our hotel rooms. After our short rest it was time for bubbles and a nice dinner together!

Caught in action by blogger Ulrica – Från tekopp till bergstopp

Of course I had to try the local beer from Örebro. It was called “Borgen Red IPA” and as you can see it’s the hotel on the bottle etiquette!

Later in the evening we all walked to Örebro castle to join a ghost tour.. We learned a lot about the towns history and it was really creepy visiting the attic and the cellars of this old castle.

Sunday – morning yoga, more workshops and photo shoots

On the Sunday morning we first met up for a 45 min yoga session and then we came back to the hotel breakfast buffet! Such a nice start of the day!

After breakfast we all walked up to the castle again for two more workshops, one about working effectively by Linda “Resa Medvetet” Engström and one about SEO by Elin “Teknifik” Häggberg. The day was finished off with a nice lunch together.

My train didn’t leave until later that afternoon so I took a stroll in Örebro town. Such a cozy place and the parks were filled with fantastic autumn colours! Johanna “Last Stitch” and Sandra “” also joined to take some photos. Örebro was filled with really cool street art. Check out the pictures below!

I also want to thank everyone involved in this workation, it was a truly giving and fun way to meet other bloggers and new friends!

The whole workation group! Photo by Caroline Frankesjö.

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