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This blogpost was written in collaboration with Bubotree.com

Welcome to Bubotree.com

How do you plan your trips? Searching all over the web for recommendations, not knowing who to trust? Trying to get inspired by people on social media, but don’t know who to follow? Trying to organise your friends by writing long group messages in Messenger? Hold up, now there’s an easier way! Do as me, become a bubber!

With Bubotree.com you easily plan and organise all kinds of trips and events together! Just create a board for you and your friends and get started. You can also get travel inspiration and plenty of recommendations from people you trust. Just save the travel tips to your own board and keep planning for an unforgettable trip.

As a travel blogger who’s always on the run I love to use this tool since it’s easy for me to save and remember all the places I visit. It’s also perfect for me to send my boards to people when they ask about my travels tips. With Bubotree.com all my best tips are collected in one place!


Boards and travel tips

Its really easy to use Bubotree.com. The boards are where you save your travel tips.

  1. Create a board for your trip
  2. Create categories within the board, such as Where to eat or What to see
  3. Invite your friends to your board
  4. Share and save travel tips on the board together

The finished board will be filled with travel tips from you, your friends and from other bubbers as well, if you choose to save them to your board!

My boards

I have several boards from around the world,  but here’s an example of my board from Bucharest, Romania. I’ve created the board, made it public and written all those travel tips for you to get inspired by. Share it with friends or save it to your own board. Easy peasy! Find all my boards here.

Bucharest board on Bubotree.com
Bucharest board on Bubotree.com
Bucharest board on Bubotree.com
Bucharest board on Bubotree.com

What is a bubber?

I’m a bubber! When you’re using this travel tool you’re also one! I’m following plenty of different bubbers on Bubotree.com to get as much travel inspiration as possible and I love to find new bubbers to follow. Bubotree.com is a social platform so don’t forget one of the best things about it, you will not only find great travel tips here, but also new friends from all over the world!

Here are some of my favourite bubbers:

Luana – A Brazilian and Swedish journalist and digital nomad, always seeking for unique adventures around the world!

Jennie – One of the founders of Bubotree, always updating with new exciting travel tips from all over the world!

Tina – A Swedish travel addict & travel storyteller who lives in Norway, always on new adventures sharing her best travel tips!

Get inspired

If you’re not sure where you want to travel next or what do to on the trip you’ve already booked this section of Bubotree.com is especially for you, just click Get Inspired to read random travel tips from bubbers all over the world! Who knows, you might find your new favourite restaurant, an activity you never heard of or the coolest shop here!

Feeling excited yet? Sign up for free, have a look at all the amazing boards and travel tips and don’t forget to follow me and my boards as well! When you tried it, let me know what you think about this great new travel planner and social travel community, I’m curious to hear if you like it just as much as me!

And pssst… the site will soon transform in to an app! So it’s gonna get even easier to use Bubotree.com!

This blogpost was written in collaboration with Bubotree.com

Your new travel planner and social community

Gothenburg – Hear It From Locals | ThatSwedishTraveller

Travel guide Gothenburg Sweden

Good news if you’re traveling to the west coast in Sweden! I have just done an interview with the travel site Hear It From Locals. The finished piece on Gothenburg is now live for you to enjoy.

Avenyn. Photocredit; avenyn.se

Read my best tips on food, activities and daytrips in and around the Gothenburg area HERE.

Even though I am from Stockholm I have been living in Gothenburg since 2014 and I’m proud to be considered a local. Don’t miss out on my best recommendations in this lovely city!

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Food Guide: Ristoria, Gothenburg/Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Try an Italian brunch in Gothenburg

If you are looking for a great brunch in a nice setting with an Italian vibe, Ristoria is just the place for you!

I spent about 3 hours at this hip place today with my friend and fellow travel blogger Victoria and we left more than happy!


The setting

Ristoria is located in direct connection to the famous hotel Gothia Towers by Korsvägen in Gothenburg.

Think Italy, think modern art and many rare details. The restaurant offers seating in several different spaces, all with their own twist. It’s a very cozy atmosphere and walking from the table to the buffet is like a journey through different interior styles!


The food

Wow! So much food, so little time.

Ristoria offers both a cold and a warm buffet and a dessert table filled with sweets, and of course, tiramisu! The food is more of a lunch, so expect no yoghurt, fresh fruit or sandwiches. We’re talking pizza, salads, fresh pasta, cheese and Italian charcuterie. Don’t miss out on the mushroom cannelloni, absolutely gorgeous!



Blogger shoots

Well, we couldn’t leave without taking some shots in these hip settings. And to finish it off – a glass of bubbly! Arrivederci until next time!



📍Mässans gata 16, Gothenburg.

🕰 Monday-Thursday 11.30-23.00. Friday 11.30-00.00. Saturday 12.00-00.00. Sunday 12.00-16.00.

*Disclaimer: Some of these photos were taken by Victoria (and edited by me), visit her for more amazing travel and food photos HERE

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