Sleep well at Swedens narrowest hotel the Lord Nelson in Stockholm, Sweden | ThatSwedishTraveller

Stay near Stockholm city centre at the hotel Lord Nelson

This blogpost was written in collaboration with The Collector´s Hotels.

On the main street of Old Town, Stockholm (Sweden) you will find the beautiful hotel Lord Nelson. The hotel is part of the three Collector´s Hotels, all found in Old Town, owned by the antique collectors the Bengtsson family. Lord Nelson is Swedens narrowest hotel (its only 6 meters wide) and it is filled with marine themed antiques. Also, it will only take you 10 minutes to walk to Stockholm city centre.

The hotel building is only 6 meters wide

A bit of history

The Lord Nelson has been open and been receiving guests since 1974. It’s named after the famous Admiral Lord Nelson, one of England’s greatest heroes of all time. The Lord Nelson hotel is housed in a building that dates back to the 17th century and is reminiscent of an old ship. Throughout the interior you will find marine themed antiques that will have you dreaming about life at sea. The building, with its powder-pink facade, was originally home to the printer Ignatius Meurer. He printed the Karl X Bible together with Göran Helsing. This bible is now back in the house as part of the antique collection. It can be admired in a showcase in the hotel lobby.

A replica of Lord Nelson in the hotels reception

The hotel rooms

As you gathered, the marine theme runs throughout the whole hotel. The rooms feature sealed deck flooring, a ship valve and an exact model of the antique ship that the room is named after. The room categories are also named after and inspired by life at sea. I stayed in the hotel room called Hotspur and I also found the ship replica over my bed. The rooms are of the smaller kind, but they are carefully furnished to fit everything one needs for a perfect hotel stay. You will find three different sizes of rooms at this hotel; single rooms, small double rooms and double rooms.


I took a walk in the building and I am impressed by all the antiques that are carefully placed out on the different floors. There is a cozy living room area where you can find a good book and just relax, or look out the window and admire the beautiful setting of Old Town.

The reception and breakfast area really makes you feel like you’re on a ship. The staff is very friendly and will help you with any kinds of requests. The hotel is perfect for a one or two night stay if you want to live close to the city center. The hotel is also located near the Swedish parliament, so it’s not uncommon to see various politicians from all over the world staying at the Lord Nelson.

The real love story between Emma Hamilton and Lord Nelson

Horatio Nelson, born in 1758, was a British flag officer in the Royal Navy. He was noted for his inspirational leadership, grasp of strategy, and unconventional tactics, which together resulted in a number of decisive British naval victories, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars. He was shot and killed at the age of 47 during his final victory at the Battle of Trafalgar near the Spanish port city of Cádiz in 1805.

Lady Emma Hamilton (which one of the three Collector’s hotels are named after) was a gorgeous model and dancer born in 1765 in England and is best known for being British Admiral Horatio Nelson’s mistress. She was also a woman known for her scandalous behaviour. After being a mistress of another man, she eventually married his uncle who is said to have paid off her former lover’s debts. She then got the title Lady Hamilton and became a leading socialist lady in Naples and close friends with the Queen of Austria.

Over time, she got to know and became a lover of Lord Nelson. Emma was Lord Nelson’s great love despite her past. Lady Hamilton lived openly with Lord Nelson after her husband’s death. Together they got a daughter and they were deeply in love. Nelson died later in the war and it is said that Lady Hamilton was not allowed to attend his funeral. After his death, she is said to have returned to her wasteful life and she died indebted and poorly in France.

Visit Victory Hotel  to read the real love letters between the couple.

Visit the other Collector’s hotels Lady Hamilton and Victory Hotel to enjoy even more history and amazing antiques.

Collector’s Lord Nelson Hotel, Västerlånggatan 22, 111 29 Stockholm

This blogpost was written in collaboration with The Collector´s Hotels.

Christmas market Stockholm | ThatSwedishTraveller

Old Town Christmas market in Stockholm, Sweden

The Christmas spirit is everywhere in Stockholm right now. I just visited the local and traditional Christmas market on Stortorget (a square close to the Royal palace) in Old Town (Gamla Stan).

The easiest way to get here is to take the metro to Gamla Stan metro station and then walk about 10 min to the square. It’s also nice to walk here from the city centre or from Södermalm.

The Christmas market is quite intimate with little red stalls that sells Swedish traditional handicraft, Christmas sweets, Swedish foods like cheese, smoked sausages and reindeer- and elk meat. Of course there is also glögg (mulled wine) or hot chocolate if you’re feeling cold.

Location: Stortorget, Gamla Stan

Open: November 24 to December 23 – daily between 11 AM and 6 PM.

Walking from the city centre to Old Town, passing the House of parliament 

Gamla Stan // Old Town

More Christmas in Stockholm

It’s not only Gamla Stan that’s decorated for Christmas. All over Stockholm you can find these Christmas elks lighting up the city. I’ve seen them at Sergels torg and in Berzelii Park and there is probably more.

Christmas elks at Sergels torg // “Plattan” in the city centre

Gothenburg – Hear It From Locals | ThatSwedishTraveller

Travel guide Gothenburg Sweden

Good news if you’re traveling to the west coast in Sweden! I have just done an interview with the travel site Hear It From Locals. The finished piece on Gothenburg is now live for you to enjoy.

Avenyn. Photocredit;

Read my best tips on food, activities and daytrips in and around the Gothenburg area HERE.

Even though I am from Stockholm I have been living in Gothenburg since 2014 and I’m proud to be considered a local. Don’t miss out on my best recommendations in this lovely city!

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Yuujou World | ThatSwedishTraveller


“100 days to prove that we are all connected! Six people come together from all over of the world and go on this crazy adventure in 2019”

This project is called Yuujou (friendship in Japanese). Through a crazy travel experiment, Yuujou aims to create a circle of friendship around the world to show that we are all connected – not only virtually but in real life too!

Yuujou is looking for 5 creative minds to join on this free 100-day journey in 2019! From Germany to Japan.

Please give me a vote to join this adventure! We’ll be traveling for 100 days, across the globe, from friend to friend to friend! THANK YOU ❤️ #heretomakefriends


Yuujou World


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Travel Guide: 3 days in Bucharest Romania | ThatSwedishTraveller

Experience Bucharest – 72 hours in the capital of Romania

Have you ever been to Bucharest, Romania? No? This lively city should definitely be your next destination. If you are interested in exploring one of the most underestimated capitals in Europe this is the travel guide for you. I’m sure you’ll be looking at flights after reading this guide!

I spent 72 hours exploring Bucharest and I will share with you the ultimate city guide. You can do this trip over a weekend but since the city is very much alive it’s also great to travel here during the weekdays (which is normally cheaper too!). 

Bucharest is a city full of old history and new ideas. It’s shown everywhere – from the architecture to the friendly people. I’ll guide you through what to eat, see and do in Bucharest and even where you find the most Instagrammable spots!

But first, a quick bit of Bucharest history and facts;

  • Bucharest (București) is the capital and largest city of Romania, which was formed in 1859 and gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877. 
  • Bucharest is also called “Little Paris” or “Paris of the East” (Micul Paris) because of the French influences commonly shown in the architecture.
  • Bucharest is the sixth-largest city in the European Union (by population within the city limits). 1,8 million people live in Bucharest.

And a bit of Romanian facts;

  • Population: 20 million people
  • Currency: RON – Romanian Leu
  • Language: Romanian
  • Share boarders with: Ukraine, Hungary, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Serbia
  • Time zone: Summer = UTC +3 EEST. Winter = UTC +2 EET.
  • Most common religion: Christian ortodox

What to see in Bucharest

Palace of the Patriarchate – Palatul Patriarhiei

Address: Strada Patriarhiei

An amazing building with neo-classical style facade with a lot of history during the communist regime. The building is surrounded by an old church and other buildings forming “The Vatican” of Bucharest.

Romanian Athenaeum – Ateneul Român

Address: Strada Benjamin Franklin 1-3

A magnificent concert hall and a landmark of the Romanian capital city.

Carol Park – Parcul Carol

Address: Bulevardul Mărășești

This beautiful park is perfect for a stroll or a picnic. There you will also find the Mausoleum, (Mausoleul din Parcul Carol), known during the Communist régime as the “Monument of the Heroes for the Freedom of the People and of the Motherland, for Socialism”, which is now a Military Museum.

Memorial of Rebirth – Memorialul Renaşterii

Address: Piața Revoluției

A memorial that commemorates the struggles and victims of the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Its also known as the potato on a stick, the egg, the impaled potato and the nest. Apparently not even the Romanian people knows the name or understands this piece of art, therefore it’s now mostly tagged with graffiti and skaters use the area below it to skate and do tricks.

The red dots

These dots can be found on over 300 buildings in Bucharest and the signs explains that these buildings are in real danger to collapse if an earthquake would appear. Bucharest is the European capital that has the most earthquakes. Many people still live in these houses and apartments, while some are entirely empty.

The Arch of Triumph – Arcul de Triumf din București

Address: Piața Arcul de Triumf

As Bucharest is known as “Little Paris” of course there is a mini version of the Arch of Triumph. It’s not so small actually, it’s 27 m to the top and it’s not yet opened to the public. Rumours has it that it will open in 2019 to the public – let’s cross our fingers that it’s true! The arch is situated in the middle of a big roundabout so make sure to be careful when crossing over to this beautiful landmark.

What to eat in Bucharest

Have you ever tried Romanian food? No? Well, it’s time to book a full dinner because there is plenty of great food from the Romanian kitchen. And don’t worry if you want food from other places too, Bucharest is full of tasty restaurants that will keep you full and ready to explore more.

Romanian food tour with My Secret Romania

Address: Strada Pitar Moș 23

Visit the traditional restaurant “La Copac” and eat amazing food from Romania. While dining you learn about Romanian history and if you’re lucky you even get to know what the patterns on the traditional blouses mean. I recommend to book a food tour to really get to know the history about the traditional Romanian kitchen.

Bread and mashed beans

Sausages and potatoes in basil, with red onions

Our guide explaining the patterns

Manuc’s Inn – Hanul lui Manuc

Address: Hanul lui Manuc

A traditional restaurant that offers both set menus and an a la carte in Romanian food. Dine in a big and open space and be surprised when music suddenly starts playing and the staff suddenly comes out wearing traditional clothes and starts to show you different dances from all around Romania. Pro tip: try the Romanian red wine, it’s very good!

When in Romania you need to try “Telemea” – a cheese similar to feta cheese, but in my opinion – even better! Try both the salty and the sweet options.

Traditional dish “Sarmale” – Cabbage rolls filled with meat or vegetables, served with polenta and sour cream.


Address: Etaj 1, Strada Smârdan 30

Eat, drink and dance. Visit this restaurant and bar for great drinks and food from all over the world – do a nomadic culinary trip. The skybar gives you a great view of the city center. NOMAD is located in Old Town and to enter the restaurant you have to take an elevator straight from the street up to the restaurant.

Taqueria El Torito

Address: Strada Apolodor 3

Visit an authentic Mexican restaurant for the best margaritas in town and amazing tacos. There are two restaurants by El Torito and we visited the one with the address above. This restaurant offers you great food and a great Mexican vibe – the staff is also very friendly and will help you find the best dishes for you on the menu. If you come during warm months their decorated patio is open, a very nice place to dine.

Hop Garden

Address: Splaiul Unirii 225

Great food, great beer and a of course – a great time! Hop Garden won’t leave you disappointed – and definatly not hungry! Just look at the size of that burger! The kitchen is a mix of burgers, pastas, Romanian food and Mexican. Pro tip: order a dish with grilled meat or chicken, it’s really good!

Where to stay in Bucharest

Wondering where you should stay in Bucharest? I have two tips for you – one more luxurious and one more affordable. Both bringing you the best of the city!

Radisson Blu Bucharest

Address: Calea Victoriei 63-81

Price range: Upper

If you’re looking for something extra, this is really where you should stay. The five star hotel is several stories high and inside you’ll find 4 restaurants, 3 bars, a spa area and a swimming pool. The breakfast is a breakfast foodies dream, filled with extra details such as a Bloody Mary mixing station and a personal chef to cook you your omelet. And besides that, the hotel is located near the city center and close to the Instagrammable spots Passaje Victorlei and Passaje Englez.

Pura Vida Sky

Address: Strada Smârdan 7

Price range: Lower

This hostel is a two building delight in the middle of Old Town. At Pura Vida you’ll find hostel rooms and chill out areas and at Pura Vida Sky you’ll find more hostel rooms and also the famous Sky Bar with an amazing view over the city. Even if you’re not staying at the hostel you’re welcome to take a drink at the sky bar or work at the new co-working space.

Photos by Pura Vida Sky

Experience the nightlife in Bucharest

The nightlife in Bucharest is famous for being crazy and happening every single night! I can assure you that there is always something going on in Old Town or in the city centre. The following tips are just a few of my favourites from the bubbling night life in Bucharest!

Baru cu Bere

Address: Strada Stavropoleos 5

Visit Bucharest’s oldest beer garden and experience a magical evening. The beer garden outside is spacious and inside you’ll find amazing architecture and beer halls filled with people. Take the swing door in to another world.


Address: Strada Glodeni

A night club with clowns, popcorn, cotton candy and dancing on carousels? Yes, all of this can you experience at Bucharest’s craziest nightclub called Fratelli. You never know what to expect at this club. The night I was there it was carnival! The themes might change at this club but I’m sure they will all be crazy and make you step into a fantasy world!

Fabrica Club

Address: Strada 11 Iunie 50

This cool place is found a little bit outside the city center but is definitely worth a visit. Chill with a beer outside in the beer garden or dance all night inside this old fabric.

What to do in Bucharest

There is plenty of things to do in Bucharest. Here is a few of my favourite tips for you to explore!

RetroBuzz Romania

Do you have a drivers license? Perfect, then you can hire this cool retro bus to travel the city. You can even rent it to travel around Romania for a longer time, complete with a bed and kitchen in the van. What are you waiting for? Time to live the American van life in Romania!

Walking tours

During my visit in Bucharest I went on several walking tours. Listed below are a few that I recommend to get to know the city better. And the best part? Most of them are free!

Walkabout Free Tours – The Story of Bucharest

Good Living Bucharest – How Bucharest Became the “Little Paris”

Open Doors Travel – Real life in the neighbourhoods of Giants

Walkabout Free Tours – The Royal Century

BTrip Bucharest – Old Town legends and stories

The pictures below are from the “Real life”-tour in the suburban neighbourhood Pantelimon. This is an old water tower now turned into street art by the community.

5 Instagram friendly spots in Bucharest

Bucharest is the perfect place for great Instagram photos! Everyday I visited a new place that blew me away, and sure will blow your followers away too! Check out these 5 Instagram friendly spots in Bucharest.

  1. The English Passage  – Pasajul Englez

2. The Bookshop – Cărturești Carusel

3. Arcul de Triumf

4. The Umbrella Passage – Pasajul Victoria

5. The Parisian passages – Pasajul Vilacrosse and Pasajul Macca



All these places are amazing Instagram spots as you can see and there are plenty more around town! Amazing buildings and street art is everywhere and there are plenty of cute shops and cafes that are picture perfect too. Make sure to be attentive when walking on the streets of Bucharest – there is always something new and beautiful to see!

Short summary of my 72 h Bucharest visit

To sum up my experience in Bucharest I must say that 3 days was not enough. I came here during the colorful autumn and I sure want to be back for the parties in the streets in summertime and for the Christmas markets in the winter. Bucharest is a perfect all year around destination – for a weekend or as I would recommend – an even longer stay. 

Let me know if you have more tips on Bucharest or if I can help you during your planning for your next Bucharest visit!


Disclaimer: This blogpost was written in collaboration with #ExperienceBucharest, through a sponsored press trip with ExperienceBucharest, ExperienceRomania and AMPT – Administrația Monumentelor și Patrimoniului Turistic București.

All opinions and recommendations are as always my own.


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Influencers of Sweden – Fall workation in Örebro | ThatSwedishTraveller

What is a workation?

It’s a mix between work and vacation! A few weekends ago I met up with about 20 other Swedish bloggers to work, workshop, network and enjoy a great vacation in Örebro, Sweden.

Saturday – Hotel breakfasts and workshops

I traveled early on the Saturday morning from Gothenburg to Örebro and arrived just in time for the hotel breakfast at Clarion Hotel Borgen. After we all had a welcome meeting during the breakfast we joined the hotel manager for a tour around the amazing suites at the hotel.

How beautiful is this hotel? And old bank turned into luxurious hotel.

After the tour we had a workshop with blogger and photographer Caroline Frankesjö about Lightroom editing. I’ve used different apps to edit my photos so it was nice to learn more about Lightroom and experimenting with it.

After the first workshop we had an amazing lunch at the hotel. Salmon with mashed potatoes! And how about that dining set up, just for us.

After lunch we had two workshops at Kulturhuset, one about film production and one about influencer marketing within politics. After that we had some time to mingle and get ready at our hotel rooms. After our short rest it was time for bubbles and a nice dinner together!

Caught in action by blogger Ulrica – Från tekopp till bergstopp

Of course I had to try the local beer from Örebro. It was called “Borgen Red IPA” and as you can see it’s the hotel on the bottle etiquette!

Later in the evening we all walked to Örebro castle to join a ghost tour.. We learned a lot about the towns history and it was really creepy visiting the attic and the cellars of this old castle.

Sunday – morning yoga, more workshops and photo shoots

On the Sunday morning we first met up for a 45 min yoga session and then we came back to the hotel breakfast buffet! Such a nice start of the day!

After breakfast we all walked up to the castle again for two more workshops, one about working effectively by Linda “Resa Medvetet” Engström and one about SEO by Elin “Teknifik” Häggberg. The day was finished off with a nice lunch together.

My train didn’t leave until later that afternoon so I took a stroll in Örebro town. Such a cozy place and the parks were filled with fantastic autumn colours! Johanna “Last Stitch” and Sandra “” also joined to take some photos. Örebro was filled with really cool street art. Check out the pictures below!

I also want to thank everyone involved in this workation, it was a truly giving and fun way to meet other bloggers and new friends!

The whole workation group! Photo by Caroline Frankesjö.

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